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Founder of Tiger Management LLC

Chairperson of the Forstmann Little Corporation

Ex-Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Webster Management Corporation

An American investor and philanthropist

Julian H. Robertson Jr.  

 “Management must be wedded to the bottom line as against building sales. It must have both a long term plan and the means to implement it.”


Julian Hart Robertson Junior was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, in  1932. His father’s name was Julian Hart Robertson Senior who was a Blanche Spencer and an executive in  a textile company.

Julian H. Robertson Jr.  is entirely a self-made investor. In 1951, he completed his schooling from local schools and Episcopal high School in Salisbury and Alexandria respectively. In 1955, for his bachelor’s studies, he went to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from there he completed a bachelors of science in Business Administration.

He was a qualified commissioned officer in the United States Navy for two years, from 1955 to 1957. After leaving the navy he was appointed as a Sales Representative in Kidder Peabody and Corporation. He worked hard and climbed the ladder of success; after 17 years at Kidder Peabody and Corporation, he was promoted of a chairperson of a subsidiary of Kidder Peabody and Corporation, named Webster Management Corporation.

In 1979, he and his family left New York and went to New Zealand for a six-month.However in 1980 after returning from New Zealand founded Tiger Management Group (TMG),” one of the most primitive hedge fund investment company.

Robertson is now retired from the designation of hedge fund manager and now earns a living investing in other hedge fund companies, headed by his former colleagues at his ex-company. These colleagues are often referred to as “Tiger Cubs.”

Robertson  was happily married with his wife named Josie Robertson and they have blessed with three children together. Unfortunately, on June 8, 2010, his wife died of breast cancer.


Robertson, during his career, worked for many renowned companies and take them to the companies in the top list.

  • Officer in the United States Navy, in 1955
  • Sales Representative at Kidder Peabody and Corporation, in 1957
  • Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer at Webster Management Corporation, a subsidiary of Kidder Peabody and Corporation, in 1979
  • Founded The Tiger Management Group (TMG) (TMG), in 1980
  • Founded The Tiger Foundation, in 1990
  • Founded The Robertson Foundation, in 1996
  • Founded The Blanche and The Robertson and Family Foundation, in 1997
  • Chief Executive Officer at Kenan Flagler Business School in –residence
  • Memberships on the Board of Visitors
  • The Board of Directors at the General Alumni Associations
  • The Board of Visitors at Kenan Flagler
  • Chairperson at the Cancer Research Institute in New York
  • The member of the Executive Council at Lincoln Center
  • Trustee at the Rockefeller University
  • Trustee at the Wildlife Conservation Society
  • The Board of trustee of Catawba College
  • Trustee at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
  • Trustee at the Environmental Defense Fund
  • ‘Chairperson of the Forstmann little, as of November 23 2011 to date



With the financial support of his family friends and colleagues, in 1980 Robertson founded The Tiger Management Group. He was commonly known as “Wizard of Wall Street” because of his blockbuster and outstanding business and stock records during the 80s and 90s.

He started his company with $8.8 million and his hard work and luck helped his firm become one of the top listed companies in the world. He is a very sincere guide as well, he helped so many young investors and businesspersons to nourish and grow their careers.

John Griffin, now touching the horizons of the success, has also trained and worked under the supervision of Julian H. Robertson Jr.. His 24.8 million worth shares were drowned with the United States Airways forced him to put up the shutters in 23 March in 2000.


Not many business people use the Julian H. Robertson Jr. Investment Style because of risk factors associated with it. Based on research carried out by his business analyst’s team he makes decisions of investments and carries out big investments usually.

This approach of investment helped him in generating lots of money. Unfortunately the risk was a little bit too much and most of his his shares drowned in the United States Airways, which later closed their business. There is hardly anything available as a text related his investment style and carrying out business as his approach is not so much recognized.



After his the Tiger Management Group (TMG) was closed, he started investing in other companies where his form colleagues from Tiger Management Group (TMG). Because of his investment, he was able to help push many of these business and companies to the horizons of success.

His investment in their companies is actually proved very significant and beneficial to them and he himself earned many dollars. After his company the Tiger Management Group (TMG) closed, he also ramped up his philanthropy and humanitarian activities along his wife Josie Robertson and his other family members.

He is no doubt a committed person with his work and in each and every act he performs. OnNov. 23, 2011 he was appointed as a chairperson and chief executive officer of  Forstmann Little Corporation after the demise  of his previous chairpersons.



Over the years Robertson and his wife were acknowledged for their humanitarian achievements. One of the highlights included being recognized, in 2008,  in the  Business Week’s “The List of Top 50 American Givers.”

He is founder of three foundations named as:

    1. The Tiger Foundation
      In 1990, Robertson along his Colleagues at The Tiger Management Group (TMG) (TMG) started the Tiger Foundation.
    2. The Robertson Foundation
      In 1996, Robertson along his wife Josie started the Robertson Foundation.
    3. The Blanche and Julian H. Robertson Jr. Family Foundation
      In 1997, Robertson along with his wife and other family members started a foundation named the Blanche and Julian H. Robertson Jr. Family Foundation in the memory of his parents named Blanche Robertson his mother and Julian H. Robertson Jr. Senior his father, to continue their cause of the development of their native town Salisbury.

He is fond golfer and has developed many of golf courses in Auckland, New Zealand. In the years 2011 he was given a title of “New Zealand’s First Honorary knight”, in the acknowledgment of his humanitarian services for the betterment of New Zealand as an American.

Robertson and his wife worked to help fund cancer research institutes and children care institutes and granted lots of fund for the development and growth of these respective departments. Julian H. Robertson Jr. donated $18 million dollars twice to the Blanche and Julian H. Robertson Jr. Family Foundation.

Robertson and Josie Robertson were also passionate art lovers and humanitarians; they granted a superb collection of artworks to the Art Gallery of Auckland, which was later put on exhibit.


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1.      “(We) bought some United this morning (Wednesday) strictly because it’s down like this, and it’s down when there’s an enormous opportunity in front of it.”

2.      “It is a young man’s game.”

3.      “Barton is in it for the love of the game. He loves the action.”

4.      “Our mandate is to find the 200 best companies in the world and invest in them, and find the 200 worst companies in the world and go short on them. If the 200 best don’t do better than the 200 worst, you should probably be in another business.”

5.      “When Robertson is convinced that he is right,” a former Tiger executive notes, “Julian bets the farm.”

6.      “Hear a [stock] story, analyze and buy aggressively if it feels right.”

7.    “I am sure he is going to keep getting things done.”

8.      “We have had a lifelong love affair with New Zealand. We love Auckland. Moreover, we love these pictures. That is why we were so pleased when we brought these works to New Zealand that New Zealanders seemed to enjoy them as much as we do. Frankly, bringing the pictures was probably the most appreciated thing we have ever done. We are delighted to be able to make this gift.”

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