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Sony Unveils $3,500 Gold-Plated Walkman

If you’re a music lover or audiophiles who is nowhere close to satisfied with the quality of audio produced by your smartphone, Sony has a new Walkman that just might be exactly what you’re looking for – assuming those pockets […]

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Online Interactive Features Use Up Our Memory

Online Interactive Features Use Up Our Memory by Matthew Swayne-Penn State Interactive features can make aspects of a website memorable, but may limit a user’s memory of other parts of the site, new research suggests. “Interactivity can enhance your cognitive […]

Google To Drop Nexus Brand

Google To Drop Nexus Brand

The latest rumors are suggesting that the Google smartphones to be released this year will drop the Nexus brand, and instead be named Pixel and Pixel XL.   Pixel and Pixel XL Since 2010, Google has named all of its Android-powered smartphones […]

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BAMTech To Handle NFL Live Streams For Twitter

Twitter has tapped BAMTech to power its Thursday NFL live streams, according to The Wall Street Journal. Now the social media firm will be able to concentrate on developing its video platform by delegating the backend responsibilities to BAMTech. BAMTech […]