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Delivery Hero Set To Go Public In July

Online food ordering and delivery marketplace Delivery Hero is set to conduct an IPO sometime in mid-July, per a Reuters report. The Berlin-based company will reportedly announce its intent to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in mid-June. The IPO […]

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The US Dollar Signaling Global Improvement

“Davidson” submits: The ‘Elephant’ in the room is the US dollar . It is a global financial stability indicator which incorporates the complex mix of geopolitics and economic activity. It is the very messy landscape which investors must navigate. The […]

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Here’s Why Recession Calls Are Wildly Exaggerated

Speaking at Mauldin Economics’ SIC 2017, BCA Research Chief Economist Martin Barnes and ECRI Co-founder Lakshman Achuthan provided an outlook of the US economy that surely contradicts the consensus sentiment. Barnes pointed out that while the post-2008 expansion has been […]

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Earnings Forecasts: The Uses Of Pseudo-Precision

Impressed by the precision of a company’s earnings forecast? New study urges caution Perhaps in support of the remark attributed to Yogi Berra that “it’s tough to make predictions especially about the future,” research has consistently shown precise-sounding forecasts to […]