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Traders And Poker – Scorpions And Frogs

  What is it about high stakes poker that appeals so much to Wall Street’s alpha males? David Einhorn and Carl Icahn – of the Apple no-show – are two peerless examples. Both are equally famous for their trading expertise as well […]

Do Senior Citizens Need Life Insurance?

Senior citizens may wonder why they need to worry about life insurance. They’re already excluded from the best policies, and many insurers won’t take a second look at them. But there are some benefits to taking out some policies with […]

Business Valuator Drink Menu

Business Valuator Drink Menu

Business Valuator Drink Menu by Brian Langis The International Institute of Business Valuers (IIBV) came out with an interesting drink menu for the a panel discussion in Paris. Here are some of the specialty drinks you can order at the […]