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The mall isn’t dead – it’s just changing

Kansir/flickr, CC BY Stefan Al, University of Pennsylvania Today thousands of empty suburban malls dot the American landscape. Describing decaying buildings and cracked asphalt parking lots, eulogy after eulogy arrives at the same conclusion: The mall is “dead.” (There’s even […]

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb Sees Worse Tail Risks Than In 2007

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Universa Investments adviser and author of “The Black Swan,” discusses President Trump’s policies, the recent market selloff and the risks facing the global economy with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker at the annual SkyBridge Alternatives Conference, known as SALT, […]

The Animated Virtuous Cycle

The Animated Virtuous Cycle

Our name, 720Global, is meant to evoke an image of two overlapping individual circles (2 x 360°) in the reader’s mind. The two circles represent what we believe to be the two primary pillars of successful investing – investment valuation […]

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ESG Investing: No Longer Optional, But Essential

ESG Investing: No Longer Optional, but Essential Investment advisors who don’t offer environmental, social and governance investments in their practice might miss out on today’s largest generational trend in money management. Not only are experts seeing a surge of interest […]