Author: Zachary Riley

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Old BlackBerry Phone Trade In Plan Announced

An old BlackBerry phone trade in plan was announced by the company in a statement earlier today. Old BlackBerry Phone Trade In In an effort to increase adoption of their newer flagships, BlackBerry announced today the launch of their old […]

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Small Student Satellite Solves Scientific Dilemma

A small student satellite built and controlled by college attendees has just solved a nearly 60-year-old scientific mystery. The Student Satellite A team of students at the University of Colorado Boulder just discovered that cosmic rays from explosions and supernovas […]

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Despite Public Outcry, FCC Overturns Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communication Commission voted today to overturn net neutrality rules, despite significant public outcry and disapproval from many senators. Net Neutrality Rules Overturned The two-year-old set of net neutrality rules intended to protect consumers from bad behavior from internet […]