Author: Sydra Farooqui

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Wilbur Ross: Banks ‘Too Complex to Manage’

Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross weighs in on Citigroup shake-up and says banks will probably return to a simpler business model. Transcript: you’ve been on boards, wilbur. you’ve seen shake-ups. you’ve probably instigated a few yourself. that’s possible. tell us about […]

Jeff Gundlach with permission from Double-line Capital

Jeff Gundlach Hints that he Closed his $AAPL Short

Jeffrey Gundlach, DoubleLine Capital CEO, discusses investment opportunities in fixed income, with CNBC’s Gary Kaminsky. they can inspire our students. let’s solve this. gary made his way from chicago to los angeles and brings us the ceo, cio, and co-founder […]

Gary Cohn, CEO will Read Greg Smith’s Book (FYI)

Gary Cohn, CEO will Read Greg Smith’s Book (FYI)

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) President Gary Cohn told Bloomberg Television’s Sara Eisen today that he will “probably read” Greg Smith’s tell-all book, “Why I Left Goldman Sachs,” which comes out on October 22nd. Cohn also discussed the global economy, saying […]