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Bill Gross Not A Happy Camper After Fiscal Cliff Deal [VIDEO]

Bill Gross, PIMCO Co-CIO, offers his reaction to the tax deal that averted the “fiscal cliff.” The video and a computer generated transcript can be found below:  H/T: valueinvestingworld Transcript: well, the market likes washington’s tax deal, but does pimco’s bill gross? after all, […]

Bill Ackman Photo via InsiderMonkey, Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Ackman: Why I Am Shorting Herbalife [VIDEO]

Bill Ackman says Herbalife is running out of new countries to sell its products, adding that this is only his second big short idea of his career. CNBC’s Kate Kelly also offers insight. Transcript: the moment many of you have […]

Photo of Mario Gabelli via Insider Monkey (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Mario Gablli’s Best Value Plays [VIDEO]

Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors CEO & CIO, reveals the best way to find value investments as the “fiscal cliff” approaches. Transcript: i lost them all a long time ago. in that framework, here’s acompany that was plodding along. they’re buying back stocks,things are […]