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Robert Shiller: Housing Decline Could Go On [VIDEO]

Robert Shiller, a professor at Yale University and co-creator of the S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values, talks about the global economy and the U.S. housing market. He speaks with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television’s “Surveillance” on the sidelines of the […]

Kyle Bass: Japan’s ‘Debt Time Bomb’ Tell?

Kyle Bass: Japan’s ‘Debt Time Bomb’ Tell?

CNBC’s David Faber talks with Kyle Bass, Hayman Capital Management, about his critical view of the Japanese yen; and explains why he is now investing in subprime bonds. Transcript: google the ’55 lincoln futura. thanks, rick. the leading voice ahead […]

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Bill Gross Not A Happy Camper After Fiscal Cliff Deal [VIDEO]

Bill Gross, PIMCO Co-CIO, offers his reaction to the tax deal that averted the “fiscal cliff.” The video and a computer generated transcript can be found below:  H/T: valueinvestingworld Transcript: well, the market likes washington’s tax deal, but does pimco’s bill gross? after all, […]