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The REAL New World Order

New World Order – the real one – meet One Bank Regular readers are familiar with the Old World Order : the cabal of Western oligarchs who control not only our own puppet governments, but generally dictate events to most […]

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Princess Ivanka Is “Heartbroken”. America Goes To War

America’s stunning attack on Syria just days after the Trump Administration signaled tolerance for the Assad regime has left global-macro analysts scrambling to grasp the President’s decision making processes. Reports that Ivanka Trump’s “heartbroken” reaction to a possible chemical weapons […]

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The Great Western Economic Depression

Western economies are “recovering”. How do we know this? We are told this, over and over and over again by our governments. Then this assertion is repeated thousands of times more by the dutiful parrots of the Corporate media. The […]

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How Solid Are Canada’s Big Banks?

The World Economic Forum consistently ranks Canada’s banks among the world’s safest. Competent regulators have overseen stress tests, tightened lending standards and delinquency rates are low. Demographics are good and the country’s diversified economy is backed by a treasure of […]

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When The Tidal Wave Hits, Part III

Part I of this series explained that (most) Western nations are heading toward an economic cataclysm which is historically unprecedented. Part II expanded upon the economic diseases which have sent us into this terminal descent and also factored in some […]

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Whitney George: Finding Value In Natural Resource Stocks

Whitney George, portfolio manager of the Sprott Focus Trust, is a career-long value investor who has described himself at times as a “Buffett groupie” reflecting his long-standing admiration of the legendary investor. Like Buffett, George seeks to capitalize on the […]

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When The Tidal Wave Hits, Part I

Disaster is nearly upon us. This has been a regular theme in these commentaries for several years. Increasingly, however, these warnings draw reactions of apathy rather than alarm. The fact that our house-of-cards economies (and societies) have not already unraveled […]