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Is A Second OPEC Cut On The Cards?

OPEC’s coordinated effort to curtail global supply has so far managed to put a floor under oil prices, which have been sitting modestly above US$50 since the deal was announced at the end of November last year. But resurging U.S. […]

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SPONSORED: Is This The No.1 Gold Stock To Buy In 2017?

As Trump sets out to ‘make America great again’, gold is back on everyone’s radar, gaining on widespread uncertainty and promises of high-level inflationary infrastructure spending. For our favorite precious metal, this is a euphoric time. Gold is great again, […]

Oil Majors’ Costs Have Risen 66% Since 2011

Oil Majors’ Costs Have Risen 66% Since 2011

The oil majors reported poor earnings for the fourth quarter of last year, but many oil executives struck an optimistic tone about the road ahead. Oil prices have stabilized and the cost cutting measures implemented over the past three years […]

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The Oil War Is Only Just Getting Started

It’s been a month now that investors and analysts have been closely watching two main drivers for oil prices: how OPEC is doing with the supply-cut deal, and how U.S. shale is responding to fifty-plus-dollar oil with rebounding drilling activity. […]