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US Income Inequality

Economist Valerie Ramey of UC San Diego gives an insightful talk charting the rise, fall and rise again of income inequality in America over the last century. She highlights the special circumstances that created a “Golden Age” for the average […]

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Exploring Gravitational Waves

In 2016, US scientists for the first time announced their detection of gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesized by Albert Einstein a century ago. Such a discovery represents a scientific breakthrough, opening the door to an entirely new […]

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How Motivation Works

  In this complimentary webinar, learn about the power of motivation in the workplace from Columbia University Professor of Psychology and Business Tory Higgins, an expert on motivation and decision-making. You’ll learn: – Why “carrots” and “sticks” incentives are not […]

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Economics Videos

The Home Depot Story

Francis “Frank” Blake served as chairman and CEO of The Home Depot from 2007‑2014. Before that, he worked for the company as executive vice president of business development and corporate operations.Blake previously served as deputy secretary for the U.S. Department […]