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How Instagram Could Help Us Stick To Our Diets

People post millions of food photos on Instagram every day. New research suggests this could be a way to track food intake for weight loss or fitness. Instagram Researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 16 people who consistently record and share what […]

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To Test Osteoporosis Drugs, Make Bones Transparent

Ten years ago, the bones currently in your body didn’t exist. Like skin, bone is constantly renewing itself, shedding old tissue, and growing it anew from stem cells in the bone marrow. A new technique renders intact bones transparent, allowing a […]

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Algorithm Predicts Epileptic Seizures In Real-Time

Engineering students have created a system designed to prevent seizures caused by epilepsy, a neurological disorder affecting millions. First, the team needed to develop a seizure-prediction algorithm. The students created a machine-learning algorithm that was “very good” at predicting seizures: It […]

The image on the left shows a compact model of the heliosphere, supported by this latest data, while the image on the right shows an alternate model with an extended tail. (Credit: Kostas Dialynas et al. (left); NASA (right))

Solar Wind ‘Bubble’ Is More Basketball Than Comet

The huge bubble formed by the sun’s magnetic influence may be shaped much more like a basketball than a comet, new measurements show. The solar wind-magnetic solar material that constantly flows out from the sun—fills the inner solar system, reaching […]

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Cancer-Causing Toxin Turns Up In Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds and products made from them are often contaminated with a toxin produced by molds, report researchers. This poses an increased health risk in many low-income countries worldwide. Sunflower seeds In a new study, a team of scientists documented […]

Melting Glacier Leads To First Modern ‘River Piracy’

Melting Glacier Leads To First Modern ‘River Piracy’

A warming climate has melted northern Canada’s Kaskawulsh Glacier so much that the glacier’s “retreat” has changed the course of a nearby river, new research shows. Last spring, the glacier’s retreat triggered the geologic event at relatively breakneck speed. The […]

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Tiny Reflective Implant Could Test Eye Pressure

Researchers have developed an eye implant for glaucoma patients that could one day lead to faster and more effective treatment. If you have ever been to an ophthalmologist, you have probably had your eye pressure checked: with your chin resting on […]