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Eurasia: Tracking The Rise Of The Repressintern

Russia has forged an informal network of authoritarian-minded states in Eurasia dedicated to silencing dissenters living in exile. A leading expert on Eurasian affairs has dubbed this coalition as the “Repressintern.” The expert, Mark Galeotti, a senior research fellow at […]

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Eurasia And The Appeal Of Illiberalism

Brexit, a Trump presidency and populist and pro-Russian leaders coming to power in Europe—the world has taken an increasingly populist tilt and experts are struggling to make sense of the new political trends. Illiberalism Across Eurasia, populist and illiberal movements […]

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Can Taylor Swift Help Keep Afghanistan Moving Forward?

Taylor Swift to help Afghanistan? EurasiaNet Commentary Proliferating blast walls and security checkpoints have transformed the Afghan capital, Kabul, into a maze of concrete. Driving is increasingly arduous. Cars and mopeds carrying explosives are a serious concern – so much […]

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Turkey Pursues A Reset With Uzbekistan

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, arrived for a two-day visit to Uzbekistan on November 17 in a diplomatic overture that aims to undo more than a decade of frostiness. Erdogan was due to open his trip with a […]