Author: Danica Simic

Image credit: European Southern Observatory / M. Kornmesser - NASA

Astronomers Are Studying Oumuamua For Alien Signals

Astronomers discovered “Oumuamua,” a cigar-shaped object which originates from interstellar space, on Oct. 18. Originally, scientists thought that the object was a comet, although they later identified it as an asteroid. Oumuamua means “scout” in Hawaiian and measures 750-by-115-foot long. […]

image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

NASA Discovered 8th Planet Orbiting A Distant Star

Earth’s solar system is no longer the only large solar system yet discovered, as NASA has discovered an 8th planet orbiting a distant star with the Kepler Space Telescope and with the help of Google’s AI. Google’s AI scoured “weak” signals” […]

Image source: Melanie Gonick/MIT - YouTube Video Screenshot

Glowing Plants Could Reduce Our Need For Electricity

We have become pretty dependent on computers, and technology in particular, to the point where if the power goes off, we don’t know what to do. Losing power can be extremely unnerving, especially if you are doing something extremely important, something […]

PaelmerPhotoArts / Pixabay

New Study Suggests Stubborn People Live Longer

Sometimes, coming to an agreement with stubborn people can be a real struggle. However, a new study suggests that stubborn people live longer, compared to people who are not as headstrong. So, could stubbornness be connected to reaching up into […]