Author: Ritesh Jain

FED is hiking rates at  a bad time

FED is hiking rates at a bad time

Three things matter for economy to sustain …….liquidity, low interest rates and credit growth. There is almost a 100% probability that FED will hike the rates this week. Liquidity is still abundant as ” A Goldman Sachs index of fin­ancial […]

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Too much debt and misallocation of capital

Ajay Shah writes ….Macroeconomic phenomena always have multi-dimensional explanations. One element of this story is an upsurge of fear. From 2002 to 2012, firms were presented with an environment of risk which they understood and could manage. The range of […]

China Debt Deflation and Waste

China Debt Deflation and Waste

Dr Jim Rickards Explains the current China problem of Too much Debt leading to Deflation arising out of too much waste i.e Unproductive investment Waste is a blunt word referring to non-productive investment. The investment component of China’s GDP is […]