Author: Brian

Colombia: Government And FARC Forces Back At War

At least ten Colombian troops died and several more were injured in a clash with FARC rebel forces, leading to the government lifting a ban against air strikes, which had been in place since March. The government has already hit […]

Unemployment Rising In Frontier Fracking Towns

It seemed like the perfect solution for many struggling American workers. Go west, young man, and find a fracking job. And for many the gamble would pay off, at least for a time. Amid yesteryear’s high oil prices, oil companies […]

Is The Press Coming Under Assault In Malaysia?

Malaysian authorities have arrested Ho Kay Tat, publisher of the Edge, and Jahabar Sadiq, the CEO of the Malaysian Insider, under the Sedition Act. The government charges that the news portals’ have violated laws while reporting on hudud, or Islamic […]

The World Bids Farewell To Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew died Monday, March 22 at 3:08 AM in the Singapore General Hospital. Mr. Lee passed away peacefully after a long battle with pneumonia and left behind a city-state much richer and more stable than many would have […]