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2+2=7 In The Stock Market

2+2=7 In The Stock Market

Amazon trades at a P/E of 250. Facebook is 40. For Air BNB, Tesla and Uber the P/E are undefined because they don’t have profits yet. The list goes on for many tech companies. The high P/Es reflect the rapid […]

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Steve Ross’ Lament

In a book published in 2005, the great financial economist Steve Ross lamented that the finance profession could not understand what moved the market.  By this he did not mean the inability of the profession to predict the market, he […]

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“Diversity” at Google

The brouhaha at Google regarding corporate “diversity” reminds me how confused I seem to be about this whole issue. In a nutshell, there are four things I find to be particularly perplexing. First, if it our belief that people should […]

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Should Apple Buy GM Or Ford?

There has been a lot of speculation about Apple buying Tesla. While the mixture may be intriguing, Apple should bear in mind Warren Buffet’s warning that no asset is so good you cannot overpay for it. At a market cap […]

A Closer Look At Tesla’s Q2 Earnings

A Closer Look At Tesla’s Q2 Earnings

Tesla Q2 earnings a closer look especially at ZEV credits – By Brad and Andrew Cornell ALso see Q2/H1 Hedge Fund Letters – Letters, Conferences, Calls, And More These Behavioral Biases Are Driving Investor Decisions Tesla Inc (TSLA) is bubble-market’s […]

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Sociobiology And Social Media

Evolutionary biology suggests that between the ages of 12 and 25 people tend to be intensely interested in two things: social status and sexual selection.   This makes perfect sense.  As people enter prime reproductive age, status and sexual standing […]

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Private Firms, ESG and Climate Change

In this essay, I mean private firms as opposed to public organizations like Department of Energy and the United Nations, not private firms versus publicly traded firms. The point of the essay is to argue that private firms should not […]

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Tesla Earnings Teach Us Almost Nothing

I was hopeful to gain insight into Tesla’s fair value from the company’s earnings announcement. No such luck. The value is still based on speculative growth options whose value depends more on sentiment than hard analysis. The big questions remain […]