Wizards Unite Crashing/Freezing Issue Leaves Players Frustrated

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Wizards Unite is an augmented reality game for mobile devices. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times in the Android Playstore since its launch on June 21. However, according to Piunika Web, the game has many users complaining that it has an issue with crashing/freezing after the cast a successful trace and that it takes away their daily bonus.

Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite is part of the Harry Potter series of games that have been launched over the last few years. The series of novels that inspired the movies has now become one of the biggest franchises in history. Fans of almost every ethnic background are actively waiting for the next piece of Harry Potter merchandise to be released. In spite of crashing/freezing issues, Wizards Unite has helped continue the popularity of the series.

While the game has not grown with the epic growth we saw in Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite is still a top rated game in the app store. Players can enter a world of augmented reality and practice casting spells and finding special objects that help them increase their XP and boost their score. Niantic, the creators of Wizards Unite, has scheduled a community day for July 20, 2019 in an effort to get as many players as possible online at the same time. However, the recent crashing/freezing issues are plaguing developers and players alike. If the issues are not resolved by then, it is likely many players will uninstall the game and wait for a more stable version to be released.

Crashing/Freezing Issue

According to posts on Reddit users are experience severe crashing/freezing issues with Wizards Unite. This issue usually occurs when the player casts a trace using their daily potion bonus. The trace is noted as being successful and a message pops up on screen. However, when the player clicks the message to make it go away the app exhibits the crashing/freezing issue. The user will then close the game out, but when he comes back to it, the object he was trying to find is gone and so is the daily potion bonus.

Solution Not Found

As of right now there is no word on a solution for the crashing’freezing error in Wizards Unite. Niantic is most likely working on it, but has not yet made an announcement on when to expect the problem to be solved. We will keep you updated when a solution is released.

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