The Sohn London 2017 conference was held at the end of November and ValueWalk was present at the event. Stay tuned for our Sohn Brazil conference taking place today – we are in attendance !

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The Conference brings together industry leaders and Europe’s most influential hedge fund managers to present their most compelling investment ideas. Sir Paul Ruddock, Co-Founder of Lansdowne Partners, opened the conference with a short talk addressing how the hedge fund industry has evolved, and the importance of philanthropic activity.

Sohn London 2017
fietzfotos / Pixabay

This year a number of notable speaks appeared including Pierre Andurand, the founder and Managing Partner of Andurand Capital, David Craigen, portfolio manager of Lansdowne Partners and Beltran De La Lastra, the CEO & Chief Investment Officer of Bestinver. The full speaker linup included:

  • Pierre Andurand, Founder & Managing Partner, Andurand Capital
  • David Craigen, Partner & Portfolio Manager, Lansdowne Partners
  • Bruno Crastes, Founding Partner & CEO, H20 Asset Management
  • Adrian Croxson, Head of European Equities, Oz Management
  • Beltrán de la Lastra, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Bestinver
  • Reade Griffith, CIO, Polygon's European Event-Driven Fund,
  • Co-Founder & Head of Investment Committee, Tetragon
  • Per Johansson, Founder & CIO, Bodenholm Capital
  • Stephen Loukas, Partner & Portfolio Manager, FrontFour Capital Group, LLC
  • Selvan Masil, CIO & Founder, Westray Capital Management
  • Michel Massoud, Founder & CIO, Melqart Asset Management (UK) Ltd.
  • Emeric Préaubert, Co-Founder & Co-Head of the Portfolio Management Team, Sycomore Asset Management
  • Davide Serra, Founder, CEO & CIO, Algebris Investments
  • Dean Tenerelli, Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price
  • Ross Turner, Founding Partner, Pelham Capital Management LLP
  • Christian Vogel-Claussen, CEO, CIO & Founder, Alanda Capital Management

Sohn London 2017 Conference Notes

Below we bring you some of the best ideas from the conference as well as some background on each: