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Traveling With Your E-Cigarettes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Now that 2017 is concluding, there are some bad habits that we wish to leave behind in the New Year, and one of those is smoking. As an alternative, many experts recommend vape or e-cigarettes as a cessation device. In fact, most people who have been smoke-free for years now can say that it took them several methods – including vaping – just to overcome the struggles while on the journey of quitting smoking- especially when nicotine withdrawal symptoms kick in.

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That said, the proliferation of e-cigarettes in the society is clearly evident, and though there are certain regulations that prohibit the use of such device on certain places, we can still expect more people to enter the “vaping” culture – either as a way to quit smoking or even just as a hobby.

What non-smokers don’t understand about smoking is that aside from nicotine, the act of “inhaling” smoke into lungs is another habit that can be very challenging to overcome. Obviously, this is an issue which cannot be fully addressed by merely chewing nicotine gums or applying nicotine patch onto the skin.  With vaping, smokers can still enjoy that same “inhaling” experience -  but with tobacco-free vapor in its place.

With the holiday season upon us and as the year is coming to an end, it is certain that most vapers will bring their devices along with them as they travel to other countries or distant state to celebrate the New Year. To cut off the chase here are some helpful tips from the infographic below from Vape Icon which details the important things you should keep in mind when traveling with e-cigarettes.

  • Disconnect batteries to your mod and make sure that they are fully charged as this may be required at security.
  • Check with your airlines first prior to your travel date if bringing an e-cigarette is allowed on the plane to avoid confusion and hassle later.
  • The e-cig unit itself should be brought in with you on board as part of the carryon luggage. This is because batteries are now banned worldwide in checked luggage.
  • Bringing e-juice with you should not be a problem, as long as it falls under the 100-ml liquid limit (including other liquids).
  • Put your e-juice in a clear plastic bag alongside your other liquids.
  • Empty your tank before you get on the plane to avoid leaks as well as it’s illegal to use your vape on board.
  • Charging your e-cigarette is not allowed inside the plane.
  • Many airports today also prohibit the use of e-cigarettes around their premises. To be sure, just check the security personnel before using your e-cigarette.
  • Do your homework and research about existing vaping regulations in the country you are about to visit. Some countries permit its usage, while at the same time banning the production and selling of the device and e-juice. Other countries ban nicotine – regardless of its shape and form.

Vaping is relatively a new phenomenon, so many countries are still vague about their regulations concerning the use of e-cigarettes in their country. To learn more about the tips when traveling with vape, check the infographic below.

Traveling With Your E-Cigarettes

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