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UPDATE: This alarming game has hit the headlines again recently, with evidence of children trying to download Blue Whale having taking place in several countries. This will obviously be extremely alarming for parents considering the grisly nature of this game, and it is extremely important that awareness of this horrible escapade is publicized.

Blue Whale Game
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United Kingdom

Firstly, there is evidence that Blue Whale downloads have occurred recently in the United Kingdom, with a school in south Yorkshire having written to parents wanting them that students have been playing the game. Ridgewood School in Doncaster was forced to alert parents that teenagers had been lurd into attempting disturbing challenges having tried to download Blue Whale.

With the game already linked with the deaths of around 130 young people worldwide, this is obviously extremely alarming. But there have been no reported suicides in Britain that can be attributed to the Blue Whale phenomena as of yet.

In an open letter, the school outlined the serious nature of these threats.

“No deaths in Britain have been linked to the game, but police officers have posted online warnings for parents. We have been made aware that some of our students have downloaded this app onto mobile phones and tablets, and would ask that you check your child’s electronic equipment for any such content, delete it, and discuss the implications and risks of such apps with your child.”


Meanwhile, two college girls in Pind Dadan Khan near Jhelum were expelled from school having seemingly also engaged in Blue Whale downloads. School officials found that they had inflicted cuts on their arms with knives as part of the challenge game. The administration of the Government Girls Degree College in Pind Dadan Khan in Jhelum confirmed the issue in a statement.

“Some college students filed a complaint with the administration informing that two girls had made whale carvings on their arms using knives and it is suspected that they may commit suicide after reaching the final level of the Blue Whale game,” college principal Raheela Chandni commented.


It seems that Blue Whale downloads are particularly problematical in the Asian subcontinent, possibly due to the fact that there is less awareness of such media in these developing nations. But the deadly game has also been linked with the disappearance of a teenager suspected to have been playing it recently.

Police discovered that Kulchief Singh Goraya, 17, had withdrawn Rs 5,000 from an Axis Bank ATM in Kalyan, Mumbai, on September 24. Yet attempts to trace the adolescent have hitherto been unsuccessful.

Elsewhere in India there have been reports that several students have also engaged in Blue Whale downloads, and have even been playing the game towards its latter stages. A class 9 student of a government school in Jhunjhunu has been identified as playing the game, and informed the school that at least two other pupils were well into the Blue Whale game.

It is once again essential for parents to be fully aware of this sick game, and hopefully it will eventually be eradicated completely. It seems the plight of those who download Blue Whale game isn’t keeping young people from wanting to do so. If you are looking for a link to download Blue Whale Game, please click here instead of downloading that rubbish. You will find a list of suicide crisis resources to find help in your region of the world. We also urge you to seek out those who care about you instead of those who only want to harm you. When you’re going through a dark time, it’s easy to think no one cares, but you may be surprised when you find out who really does care.

Whatever your reason for wanting to download Blue Whale Game, whether cyber-bullying, peer pressure, or a feeling of isolation or depression, there’s no denying that it is having deadly results on the world’s youth. Police and crisis workers are now having to find ways to deal with these results, including arresting those who push others to commit suicide via the so-called “game” and counseling those who have already decided to download Blue Whale game.

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In some parts of the world, large numbers of children are falling victim to the game, and various media accounts indicate that more than 100 youths have taken their own lives because of the challenges. Those who download Blue Whale Game are given daily challenges by someone online, and over the course of 50 days, the challenges gradually become more self-destructive until the final day’s task is to commit suicide.

The Times of India reported this week that 20 students at Kendriya Vidyalaya School had been impacted by the challenges. In this case, the children from Classes 8 and 9 didn’t actually download Blue Whale Game, but they wanted to convince other students at their school that they had. Teachers reported seeing cut marks on the hands of the students, and after speaking with them, the principal reportedly found that cut themselves so that they could boast to their classmates that they had decided to download Blue Whale Game. The school reported that 16 boys and four girls were involved, and all were sent to school counselors.

The so-called challenge is believed to have started in Russia, and authorities there are trying to unravel the mystery. The Russian Interior Ministry says it detained three 14-year-old children who all are accused of “pushing underage children to performing actions dangerous to their lives and health.” Police in Russia are studying suicides there closely because of fears that the children decided to download Blue Whale Game. At least one of the students charged with coercing others to commit suicide said that he would threaten anyone who refused to do the tasks he gave.

As officials work to contain the dastardly actions of those who try to convince others to harm themselves, a Pakistani teen is trying to help by tackling the root of the problem. Waseem Gul developed an app to battle the depressed mindsets that lead young people to commit suicide after completing the tasks given after they download Blue Whale Game. Like the original Blue Whale Challenge, Gul’s app includes a set of 50 tasks, but unlike it, the tasks are positive and fun rather than self-destructive. While the Blue Whale Challenge involves tasks such as cutting oneself, Gul’s app calls for players to do 10 push-ups or help parents with chores, according to media reports.

At the end of the 50 days, players receive a positive message congratulating them on completing the tasks and encouraging them not to waste the gift of life “on strange challenges you find on the internet.” It also points out that “the world is full of strange people” who will attempt to scare others into doing bad things. However, it also recommends that young people tell their parents or other caring adults that this is happening. The teen has uploaded his app to Media Fire.


Many people around the world are looking for a place to download Blue Whale game because it’s gone viral in multiple markets, including