It’s Offical Now: Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 at its glitzy Unpacked event in New York. The phablet has undoubtedly been one of the most awaited releases in not only Samsung’s history, but indeed the entire mobile industry. This is mainly due to the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 was such a monumental disaster for Samsung, owing to its propensity to explode rather dramatically.

Galaxy Note 8 launches

So all eyes were on the conference in America’s most notable city, as Samsung finally took the rapper off the next generation Galaxy Note 8. Samsung’s president of mobile communications DJ Koh began the unveiling process by apologising once more for the fiasco now associated with the Galaxy Note 7. But Koh was ready to move on and discuss the Galaxy Note 8, with a raft of new features and functionality planned for this major release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Blue
Image: Samsung / Flickr

Samsung’s presentation initially focused on the dual-cameras and S Pen included. This latter peripheral has been strongly linked with some amazing new features in the Galaxy Note 8 generation, so immediately the audience was tantalized by this prospect.


Senior vice president of product strategy Justin Denison then informed us that Galaxy Note 8 consumers will be able to watch movies on a cinematic screen. The wraparound display included in the device was heavily pushed by Samsung, with the 6.3-inch screen that had been strongly mooted indeed emerging.

Denison described this display as “large and immersive”, while the 18.5:9 aspect ratio from the Galaxy S8 has been retained as well. Samsung was reticent to reveal the precise screen resolution of the Galaxy Note 8 at this juncture, but it did describe the screen as a Quad HD+ display. This obviously rules out the possibility that the Galaxy Note 8 will embrace 4K resolution, and it is therefore likely to retain the 1,440 x 2,960 pixels (~570 ppi pixel density) of the Galaxy S8.


Samsung’s director of product strategy, Suzanne De Silva then arrived to teach us how to “create with the Note 8”. This began with the excellent new camera that Samsung has included in the Galaxy Note 8, which few assembled were surprised to learn was based on a dual-lens specification.

De Silva noted that Samsung has worked hard to improve low light performance by introducing dual-pixel sensors. The Quick Launch feature will also enable users to capture pictures more quickly than in previous generations, while water resistance will improve the underwater shooting capabilities of the smartphone.

The Samsung executive stated that “two separate back cameras that work together to capture your experiences like never before,” as she strongly promoted the dual-lens feature. A wide angle lens will be accompanied by a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom. “The Note 8 is the first smartphone ever to have optical image stabilization in both cameras,” De Silva suggested.

Both videos and photos will benefit from this new optical image stabilization system, and the opinion of the delegates assembled at the Unpacked event was that this was rather impressive. A nifty Dual Capture feature will also enable the smartphone to capture images with both the telephoto and wide angle lens simultaneously.

S Pen stylus

De Silva then moved on to the S Pen, which features a fine tip and improve the pressure sensitivity. Live Messages has been created for the Galaxy Note 8 generation, which will enable Samsung users to draw animated sketches and then send them automatically to friends. This is a pleasing feature, which was demonstrated ably on stage, even if it is somewhat niche.

Another new feature was also demoed, with the Screen Off Memo function enabling users to capture notes rapidly, when there isn’t a pen or pencil readily available. Overall, the S Pen included some interesting functionality, although some of the more advanced features that were rumored in the media ahead of the event were conspicuous by their absence.

Bixby assistant

Jon Wong then appeared in order to tell the audience about Bixby. The personal assistant will now collaborate with Spotify, enabling Galaxy Note 8 users to play music at their very command. The Google Assistant will also turn the phone to Do Not Disturb mode and activate its blue light filter, simply by being told “goodnight”.

Samsung was also keen to push the new Food Photo mode, which is intended to enable keen diners to capture images of dishes in restaurants via a simple command.

Other specs

Elsewhere, the Galaxy Note 8 will run off the Snapdragon 835 processor in the United States. It includes a pretty sizeable 6GM of RAM memory. Partially pleasing is the fact that Samsung has included new storage models. However, it seems that these won’t be available, at least initially, in the US. But there will be 128GB and 256GB versions introduced in international markets.

The Galaxy Note 8 also features a micro SD card slot, as expected, it is IP68 water and dust-resistant, and supports fast wireless charging. The smartphone will be available from September 15, with pre-orders beginning in a few days. And the damage? Samsung declined to reveal the US price at Unpacked, but based on information that did emerge, it looks likely that the phablet will launch at around $949.

Galaxy Note 8 specs sheet
Image: Samsung

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UPDATE 08-22-2017: As the clock continues to take down to the release of the Galaxy Note 8, ValueWalk has all the latest news and rumors about this phablet contender.

Unpacked in New York will finally reveal one of the most important hardware releases in the history of the smartphone. The Galaxy Note 8 will be expected to reinvigorate a product line seriously damaged by the exploding Galaxy Note 7. Technology watchers all over the world will be observing this event very closely, as we finally find out precisely what the Korean corporation has in mind for its flagship phablet.

Leaked image

With Samsung having seemingly accidentally revealed an image of the next generation device on its website, many believe that the key features of this handset have already been made clear. Initially spotted by some keen tweeters, the new device appears to include a massive Infinity display that pretty much dominates the front panel of the device.

Galaxy Note 8 Leaked
Image source: Samsung

This is hardly a surprise following the release of the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, with the wraparound screen from that particular smartphone set to migrate to the Galaxy Note 8. This design will enable Samsung to increase the size of display included in the Galaxy Note 8, while keeping the device relatively compact. This means that the expected size for the Infinity screen is 6.3-inches.

Home button gone

Another revelation of this image is the notion that the Galaxy Note 8 will not feature a Home button. This has been predicted in many quarters, with Apple also expected to remove this common feature from the iPhone 8 this year. The reverse panel of the device in the image also

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