UPDATE 06-30-2017: The Google Pixel 2 is set to be one of the most important smartphones of the calendar year, as the mega-corporation attempts to improve its position in the mobile niche. With the manufacturer looking to rival the market-leading Apple, it is perhaps not surprising that reports indicate that the Pixel 2 will be influenced by recent Apple decisions.

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Headphone jack decision

In particular, it has been reported this week that the Google Pixel 2 will eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack included in previous releases. This is no longer a revolutionary proposition, as it is something that Apple has already done with its iconic flagship smartphone.

While the decision to remove the headphones jack from the iPhone 7 was not met with universal glee, it seems less likely that a Google Pixel buyers will be particularly concerned about this decision. With the rumor having already broken online, there has been a notable lack of response, perhaps indicative of the fact that the general industry is heading in this direction.

With 3D renders of both the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL already available, we already have a good idea how the smartphone will turn out physically. While these are not based on officially available information, there have been numerous credible leaks related to this smartphone, providing us with a real insight into the final makeup of the Google Pixel 2.

Major improvements

Firstly, major improvements are expected for the second generation of the Apple smartphone. Google is not expected to stand relatively still, and produce a minor upgrade to the first Google Pixel release, instead opting for a more aggressive upgrading policy.

This means that there will be both new features and spec improvements when the Google Pixel 2 arrives. Central to this will be a serious improvement to the water and dust resistance of the device, ensuring that the Google Pixel 2 is a more durable and flexible performer. Of course, other smartphones already feature this functionality, so Google is playing catch-up here to some extent.

Processor tests

Recent reports have suggested that Google is currently tinkering with several possible processors. This is something that the corporation has the time and opportunity to do, as the Google Pixel 2 will not arrive until October, at least according to the expectations of most analysts. Thus, the search engine giant is currently testing out processors from the likes of Qualcomm and Intel, while there have been murmurings that the Taiwanese chipset maker MediaTek is also being considered.

It would be a long shot for the company from Taiwan to be used as the provider of processors for the Pixel 2, but clearly Google is keeping its options open.

Squeezable edges

One of the hottest tips relating to the Google Pixel 2, which is becoming almost ubiquitously reported in the media, is the suggestion that the edges of the device will be squeezable. Of course, smartphone design has been through a sea change in the last couple of years, with Samsung central to this process having introduced the curved display. The edges of devices have this become more important, and the Google Pixel 2 will continue this trend.

The squeezable frame of the handset will be similar to the existing HTC U11, enabling users to access various features via pressure-sensitive technology. Thus, it should be possible to launch the camera of the device, turn on the flashlight, or open various applications via this new feature. Reports have also suggested that Google Assistant could possibly be accessed via this functionality.

Slimmer design

It is also believed that Google is working on a much slimmer design for the Google Pixel 2, which will be essential if the device is to fit into the smartphones zeitgeist. Ever since Samsung introduced its screen-dominated Galaxy S8, the wraparound display and slimmed down bezel have become smartphone industry staples.

This design element is believed to be a major focus of the forthcoming iPhone 8, and Google is also expected to include a wraparound display in every version of the Pixel 2. This will mean that the largest XL version will benefit from a 6-inch display, with the bezels in the device being extremely slim.

Renders also suggest that the device will be more rectangular than previous releases, with sharp corners and the glass shading included in the device shorter in the vertical direction. It is also suggested that Google could offer new color choices when the Google Pixel 2 is released, and that some of these may be rather bold. Expect red and blue variants to emerge in October when the Pixel 2 is released at an expected price point of around $699.

Camera functionality is also likely to be a major focus of the Google Pixel 2, although there is still some debate over whether a dual-lens snapper will be included.

UPDATE 06-30-2017: The Google Pixel 2 will be one of the most exciting smartphone releases of the year, and the makeup of this handset is now coming into focus. In the last couple of days, Fox News has reported on leaked specifications being linked with this forthcoming mobile release. Thus, we now know a fair bit about how the Google Pixel 2 will turn out, so here is a rundown of everything we understand and suspect about this smartphone contender.

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The design of the Google Pixel 2 is obviously critical, particularly as Samsung has completely redefined the smartphone niche with the wraparound Galaxy S8. It is also notable that the original Google Pixel release drew a lot of criticism, with many reluctant to accept the glass section nestled at the top of the device. This design did you make the Google Pixel stand out from the crowd, but not always in a good way.

Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of hardware at Google, has already stated publicly that the Google Pixel 2 will be a premium handset in 2017, giving us a clue as to the design of this handset. It has also been reported that HTC has been recruited to manufacturer multiple Google Pixel devices over a three-year period. HTC U11 files have also emerged which indicate that the smartphone manufacturer will indeed be involved.

Sources from close to the Google supply chain indicate that the largest device of the Google Pixel 2 generation will retain the glass and metallic combination of the original Pixel. It is also possible that the Korean manufacturer LG will be involved with the ‘Taimen’ codenamed device, which is generally believed to be the Pixel XL 2. Considering that LG is a major provider of OLED displays, this could mean, though, that the company will merely be involved with the screen.

It is hoped by many fans of the Google Pixel range that the mega-corporation will include waterproofing in the next generation smartphone. Many competitors already offer this feature, of course, so it is hoped that the seeming involvement of HTC will result in significant waterproofing being included in the Google Pixel 2.

Reports have suggested that this feature was originally intended for the first

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