According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, the company’s wearable business is now the size of a Fortune 500 company. Which means, the Apple Watch is selling like hot cakes, in fact, during a recent earnings call he revealed, sales have doubled. And that means an Apple Watch Series 3, although not officially announced will hit the shelves this year. Here’s the latest from the rumor mill, which includes the release date, a smart band, improved battery, and LTE connectivity.

Apple Watch Series 3
Image shot for ValueWalk by Sheeraz Raza

Apple Watch Series 3

Now that Apple’s wearable division has been given a boost due to better than expected sales figures, what does the future hold? Unlike with its iPhone line of smartphones, its smartwatch is still a player in a relatively new market. As such, it’s seen as rather dangerous for a manufacturer to rest on its laurels. So, you should expect to see an Apple Watch Series 3 launch with additional features which make it stand out from its predecessor.

LTE Conectivity

According to the rumor mill, if change is what future owners of the Cupertino-based giant’s next wearable want. That’s what they may be getting, with connectivity being one of the wearables key upgrade areas.

Now, you should be aware that these rumors are not, based on any leaked Apple documents, so their validity can’t be verified. However, imagine an Apple Watch Series 3, freed from its iPhone shackles. It would be the born of a new era for the device, and the rumor suggests a SIM Card slot will make that possible.

Furthermore, what that would mean for an owner of the smartwatch is, they could leave their smartphone at home. Why? Because the watch would be able to handle all incoming calls and messaging, it’s also a possibility that 4G connectivity could be included.

As for murmurings about this actually being true, a recent report by Christopher Rolland, an analyst for Susquehanna Financial Group Semiconductor. Revealed that the Apple Watch Series 3 would have “4G Skills”. However, in a comment that casts doubt on this, Paul Reynolds, of the Health Care startup Gliimpse (now owned by Apple) said there would be no LTE connectivity.

In his report, he pointed out that the costs, and hurdles to cross before a future Watch could have this feature are significant. However, none of this negativity outright suggests Apple won’t make the next Apple Watch LTE Connectable.


If the Apple Watch Series 3, is to see LTE connectivity, its battery can not be the same as in the previous. Why? Battery power is at a premium on such small devices, and the inclusion of such a power hungry feature as LTE means problems. Recently, the DigiTimes reported that Apple had appointed Quanta Computer to look after battery development and production. Will this then mean a battery with better performance and a longer life is produced?

Apparently, one of the key goals Apple has set for Quanta is efficiency, meaning that should LTE be included. It may have a battery that can sustain a reasonable among of web surfing, calling and messaging before needing a charge.

Smart Band

BGR recently reported that one of its sources had told it, Apple will incorporate health monitoring into a Smart Band. These apparently are to be accessories beyond the standard strap delivered with the Apple Watch Series 3.

Additionally, possibly due to this leak/source, the rumor has cropped up about glucose monitoring. The rumors suggest the Smart Band would be able to monitor a wearer’s blood sugar without having to be invasive. This is something which many industry watchers were quick to criticize, as impossible, well not in a small band.

To make this work, it’s said that Apple has employed 200 PhDs to make it work, each focussing on health. However, it is not clear if all of them are working on glucose measuring or not. Although if cracked this would be a great solution for people living with diabetes.

New Design

Hot off the press today also comes news that a completely new design many be on the way for the next Watch. The US Patent & Trademark Office has published an Apple patent application, which shows a design that is radical.

Within the details that have been made available by Patently Apple. It talks about a possible future Apple Watch Series 3 with continuous rollable and flexible display.

The images included in the Patent, reveal that such a display would include a continuous display that would also encapsulate the band. According to industry insiders, Apple has been working on this since back in 2015.

If you want to stay up to date on this, watch out for our detailed patent report, coming asap.

Release Date

Finally, what about a release date? As you know, Apple keeps its secrets as close to its chest as possible. Which, unfortunately, means, there’s no official information. About the only thing we can point toward is that Apple is a stickler for keeping release dates almost the same. As such, if you look back the Series 2 launch date, that was in September last year along with the current iPhones. That means, it’s likely that the Apple Watch Series 3 will also launch is September alongside the iPhone 8.