Turn Your iPhone 7 Jet Black Or Jet White With An Ultra Slim Case

Remember that old MTV program Pimp My Ride from the early 2000s? If you do, you will remember all of those who took their rides to West Coast Customs to have them pimped/turned into objects of desire. While that program is no more, there is a way for you to pimp another belonging that’s dear to your heart, and that’s your Apple iPhone 7. So if you don’t own the stunning Jet Black model, you can now have one. And if you want the yet-to-be-released Jet White version, you can have that too. You just need an ultra-thin case.

iPhone 7 jet black and jet white ultra thin case
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iPhone 7 Jet Black and Jet White Ultra-Thin Case

The obvious reason to put a case on your iPhone would be to protect it from all of those microabrasions it’s known for accumulating. Furthermore, if you already own a Jet Black iPhone and it’s lost its luster thanks to all of those tiny little marks, all of them will be hidden once you pop a case onto it. In fact, your smartphone will instantly be returned to its once-pristine condition, meaning you can be proud once more.

But there are other reasons as well.


It’s pretty safe to say that the iPhone 7 is a gorgeous smartphone in rose gold, gold, silver, and the two shades of black. However, if you wish you had purchased a different color, these ultra-thin cases present you with another color option so you can change colors without changing your phone.

Hide damage

In fact, it’s possible that your handset has some damage on its sides or rear which you want to cover up. Even though thin, these cases will do just that, restoring your iPhone 7 to its former glory, either until you have it repaired or for the rest of its useful life. So while you would have to spend money to purchase one, over time, they will save you money.


At 0.2 inches thick, needless to say, these cases won’t offer you protection from drops, knocks, and other unfortunate accidents. However, they will prevent your iPhone 7 from accumulating more scratches, which is the most obvious positive for owners of a Jet Black iPhone.

You can buy these Jet Black and Jet White cases via Amazon. iPhone 7 Plus owners can also get these ultra-thin cases.

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