Samsung May Finally Showcase A Foldable Smartphone In 2017

For a long time, there have been rumors about a Samsung made foldable smartphone. There have been rumors that the Korea-based company could be making a smartphone with a screen that can not only bend but also fold. Now a new report by the Korea-based news site ETNews has finally revealed some information about the device, and the good news is that it might be unveiled as early as this year’s end.

Foldable Smartphone
leejeongsoo / Pixabay

A foldable smartphone – something new for buyers

Smartphone makers like Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei, etc. update their smartphones regularly or come up with a new phone every year. We have seen several new designs when it comes to smartphones, from a QWERTY keypad, to touch screen to bezel-less display. But are these enough?

People certainly get bored of devices soon and require a change. A larger screen, better storage, updated OS, or better camera are mostly the features that smartphone makers add to their phones to get more sales. However, if the Korean company releases a foldable smartphone, it would be a completely new design that will surely attract buyers.

A foldable smartphone would work as a two-in-one – a tablet and a smartphone. In 2014, Samsung even released a video pointing out its aims for the concept. A foldable phone looks like a traditional smartphone when it is unfolded, but size-wise, it is longer than most mobiles currently available.

Is Samsung really working on a foldable smartphone?

According to ETNews, the Korean company showed the foldable device to a few major mobile network providers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year. There are also reports suggesting that a Samsung device that can fold in two like a notebook could be disclosed this year in Berlin at the IFA technology show. The IFA technology show is scheduled around the iPhone 8’s expected release (September), according to Metro.

A previous report from the Korea Herald suggested a similar smartphone could be disclosed as early as the third quarter, and that the company would “roll out more than more than 100,000 units.” According to PC Advisor, the project is also called the “Galaxy X” and “Project Valley.” But if you are expecting a public release of the phone in 2017, then don’t. The foldable phone might just be unveiled this year.

However, all these are just rumors, and they should be taken with a grain of salt, as there have been no official words from Samsung on the foldable smartphone.

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