As you would expect, with a new year comes exciting rumors about products from those companies tech enthusiasts hold dear. And as Apple is the company most talked about, it’s no surprise that a product which may not see the light of day for six months is already big news. What is this product? It’s the supposed 10th anniversary iPhone 8 a device which may come in three flavors. And if the latest rumblings are correct with USB Type C, not the Lightning Connector.

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iPhone 8 Connectivity

Back in 2012, Apple replaced its long used 30-pin connector used on its iDevices with the Lightning Connector. And has since worked hard to create an eco-system to support it. One which eventually led to the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This move by the Cupertino-based giant created a surge in demand for Lightning connectors and related peripherals. However, Apple itself has thrown what many technology analysts refer to as a curveball into the mix!

What is that curveball? The most recent MacBook, the MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Pro with TouchBar have USB-C ports, no Lightning Connector needed! This move by the company initially caused some confusion among critics and consumers, however, an adapter was quickly released. Meaning that USB-C bearing Macbook owners could charge their iPhone’s once again via the device.

iPhone 8 USB-C?

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple may be about to go one step further and introduce USB-C in its next iPhone! Seriously, the esteemed publication has its sources within the companies supply chain which have given this indication. In fact, the Wall Street Journal seems to agree that the iPhone 8 will have it:

“USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector.”

But, and we can imagine what you’re thinking, “this is too crazy to believe” seeing as the Lightning Connector is only five years old. However, Apple has proven itself not to be shy of making decisions that irritate its customers but are good for its products. So, this news/rumor is not beyond the realms of possibility even though there are some factors which make it unlikely.

Protecting its Bottom Line

Like all companies, Apple exists to make a profit, yes it makes great products for consumers, but profit is its driver. So, if the end is in sight for the Lightning Connector and the iPhone 8 does indeed get USB-C. This could mean a money earner for Apple could end, meaning that third-parties who make products under license would stop. And even Apples own Lightning Connector peripherals would not be needed for the iPhone 8.

Yes, they would quickly retool and start producing USB-C accessories for the iPhone 8, but it seems hard to believe!

The Positives

Whatever Apple decides to do with its next handset, it is already being touted as the most advanced. Which, if you look back at how its technology develops is quite obvious. But, one huge positive for an iPhone 8 with USB-C would be its compatibility with Android peripherals. Which is something that would be easy for manufacturers to retool/manufacture for, and a move that would make some happy and others not.

Whether this rumor becomes a reality will be down to Apple’s insights into its profitability and its impact on consumers. It’s possible that the USB-C MacBook’s are test cases for this, something that Apple has shelved for the iPhone 8.

More recent rumors…

Wireless Charging

According to the likes of Reuters and more, there are various small groups at Apple working wireless charging. One piece of information that backs this up (a little) is that earlier this month; Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium. Additionally, others have reported that Apple has been hiring wireless-charging experts. Furthermore, Foxconn, one of Apple’s main manufacturing partners, is apparently already producing wireless charging chips for the iPhone 8.

All-Glass Design

Could Apple be about to move away from using the aluminum body used for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S? According to the DigiTimes, Apple will launch a 5.8-inch iPhone 8 with an all-new glass and steel body design. Similar rumors suggest that Foxconn and Jabil will manufacture a handset using two glass panes plus stainless-steel bezel and frame.

Curved OLED Display

For some time now there have been rumors about an edge-to-edge OLED display. However, recent reports of Apple purchasing 60-million OLED panels in a huge deal with Samsung give it some authenticity. Reported by The Korea Herald in November 2016, this led to speculation about a curved OLED display. Which is something that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has repeated continuously.

Final Thoughts

As with all un-officially announced news/speculation, the above should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, if anything can be taken from the rumors, it’s that the iPhone 8 will be revolutionary for an iPhone. After all, while most of these supposed features and technologies may not make it. It will only take a few of them to make 2017’s a huge departure from what came previously!