Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date, Specs, Features, Price

The Xbox Project Scorpio is set to shake up gaming later this year, with a spec list that is simply the most powerful in the history of console gaming. The Microsoft machine is already being linked with some outstanding features, and will undoubtedly have a massive impact on the marketplace if it delivers what is being promised.

Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date, Specs, Features, Price
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Processing power

Undoubtedly the most eye-catching prospect of the Xbox Project Scorpio is that the console will deliver 6 tflops of computing power, if early rumors are to be believed. This would hand the console a 1.8 tflop advantage over Sony’s PS4 Pro, and would even put the Project Scorpio on par with some gaming PCs.

While this is exciting news for fans of the Xbox range, it must also be taken with a liberal sprinkling of salt. To deliver a gaming console with such power will be a serious undertaking, not merely in practical terms but also with regard to delivering an affordable price point.

Price tag

Thus, there is already speculation regarding what the Xbox Project Scorpio will cost when it is released, and there has been a relatively broad scale of opinions on the subject. The estimated price in the United States has ranged from $399 to $550, but surely Microsoft will need to deliver a console at the lower end of that price range in order to be competitive.

The PS4 Pro will have a one-year head start over the Microsoft machine, and is already retailing at $399. Sony will then have the option of aggressively reducing the price of the PS4 Pro when the Xbox Project Scorpio hits the market, meaning that there will be an even greater pressure on the Microsoft strategy.

Release date

Microsoft has pretty much already confirmed the release date for the Xbox Project Scorpio, with Xbox head Phil Spencer having commented on the matter. The executive states that it that it will arrive before Christmas this year, explaining that the company felt it was essential to keep gamers in the loop with regard to this machine.

“It’s crazy to announce something this early, but when I put myself in the shoes of our customer, I want to be able to make a choice on what console I want to buy with as much information as possible. We want to give you the information to make that decision. We also want to go talk to the developers that are out there today, that are building games for next holiday, and say here’s what you’re going to have at your disposal on the console side,” Spencer commented

However, it is not certain that the console will be unveiled at E3 in June, with Spencer having stated that although he is aware that fans would love to get a glimpse of the Xbox Project Scorpio at E3, it cannot be guaranteed at this juncture.

Features and specs

Aside from the 6 Tflop figure, it is also known that AMD chips will be powering the Scorpio. AMD has already commented on the relationship with Microsoft, and the ability of its technology to deliver HDR, 4K and high fidelity VR.

Virtual reality

Sony undoubtedly has a big advantage in the virtual reality niche, having released its own PlayStation VR system last year. This could provide the Japanese corporation with over a year’s head start on Microsoft, depending on the release date of the Project Scorpio.

Furthermore, it is generally believed that Microsoft will not develop a proprietary virtual reality system for the Scorpio. The aforementioned Spencer has made reference to such systems as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and it is far more likely that there will be some sort of compatibility tie-in with such technology. Nothing is confirmed at this stage, but considering the Windows-leaning nature of the contemporary Microsoft console, it wouldn’t be surprising if Oculus Rift was favoured.


While the PS4 Pro has the ability to deliver native 4K gaming, and has generally impressed thus far, the Xbox Project Scorpio should be able to step this up considerably. The Scorpio should deliver superior 4K gaming, with Microsoft claiming that the console will be able to render graphics at 60Hz. Whether this will be applicable to 4K resolution gaming remains to be seen, but clearly that is the aim of the machine.

Spencer has also claimed that the Scorpio will not suffer from any frame rate drops, with the Xbox excessive stating that “when a game runs at 60fps on Scorpio it’s going to run at maximum resolution the whole time”. This is an attractive concept, but once again it will be difficult for Microsoft to deliver this reality, and also manufacture an affordable unit.

Windows 10 Game Mode

Another interesting aspect of the Xbox Project Scorpio will be its strong ties with Windows 10, and the inclusion of a Game Mode to benefit gaming on the console. This has been constructed for usage with the Universal Windows Platform, and ensures that games made for the PC will be able to transition to the Xbox Project Scorpio with minimal effort.

Reports on the subject have suggest that 4K texturing utilized in PC versions of games will be able to be unpacked with relative ease on the Scorpio, meaning that the promises being made by the Microsoft hierarchy could indeed be delivered.


Finally, it is likely that Microsoft has learned from its mistakes with the Xbox One, and will deliver a console with disc-based options. The Xbox Project Scorpio will also include 4K Blu-ray, setting the machine apart from the Sony PS4 Pro. It is possible that Microsoft could consider releasing a model of the Scorpio without a disc drive, though, as consume choice becomes ever more important in consumer electronics.

Regardless of this, streaming will also be an important part of the Scorpio armory, with a particular emphasis on the likes of Netflix. In truth, 4K Blu-ray is set to be a pretty marginal market, as consumers move towards digital copies of media.

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  • Billy

    It would be nice to have a 1tb sshd but more likely they will use a hybrid if they are half as smart as we hope they are and 32gb is not enough to cache but a fraction of new games ESO 71+gb Halo 5 97+gb and so on yes some older games and a few newer games start at 25 to 30gb but games today take up much more space. Multi layer tech for Blu-ray can hold 100gb to 200gb by adding layers to the disk but with dlc most games hit between 50 and 100gb range and with 4K and VR coming to Xbox we can see that number go up. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see a full sshd in Project Scorpio but 1tb would rise the price a lot for little speed in recall and I don’t see Xbox doing that however I would rather the 32gb NAND if they did but the cache is not meant to hold games not how it works. Seagate is a fall back of Xbox for their HDs though and if they wanted a sshd they would go to them but price wise I don’t see it as an efficient trade off that and sshd are faster but also fail faster because each bit is vulnerable to power surges, hot restarts and more where as a regular drive is magnetic and can be forcibly overwritten if both can bypass damaged sections but sshd there is little to repair afterward. I have been wrong before but I don’t see Xbox using only a sshd like I said maybe a hybrid or maybe some customized set up but not only a sshd. Kind of hope I am wrong but don’t think so a bit more speed on recall is good but not a good trade off for price and durability.

  • Jeff Dranetz

    Seagate’s recently released 1TB SSHD featuring 32GB NAND rather than the 8GB NAND of older models has been noticeably unavailable at any online retailer. I suspect Microsoft is buying any and every unit of that drive it can. 32GB of NAND would be able to cache entire games into quick read cache. Anyone else think this, too?

  • Chris Meadows

    Nothing new in this story

  • Billy

    I would not put it at par with pc gaming and I prefer consoles, just like I would not call this article news noting was really given. Ryzen and Vega chip set can run faster than 6tf but unless they open it up and put in more than 320gb/s then it should not be compared to PC ever. How ever most people compare the new chip set to PC structure all the time it is a common mistake but the Risen works differently than other chips and can not be compared to current chip sets, at the demo AMD shown us the closes they could find to the chip set compared to Ryzen and Vega chip set and it was faster by about 20% or so and they had not finished with tweaking it. After Xbox finishes customizing it and tweaking it to match the console it could be great for a console and could be compared to lower end gaming PC but it is still a mistake to do so. For instance you have a car and a truck would you compare the two, some would I know, but no car would move more people and the tuck more cargo at different fuel prices even if they had the same motor each uses it gears and space differently just like PC and consoles utilize their processing and graphics differently they are similar but different just as a prosthetic leg works and acts like a leg but can not compare to the real thing. (once again I prefer consoles to PC gaming but have them all) Until consoles are structured like a pc and allow you to upgrade each piece they should not be compared to each other. I know it is a common notion to compare them but we as gamers need to stop comparing systems at all because they are built with different ideas behind them.

  • Jeff Scout

    It wouldn’t put it on par with some gaming Pc’s ok it would be vastly superior to 90% of gaming Pc’s on the market as only less than 10% of all gaming computers have ultra high end hardware as 90% or more have medium range or lower end gaming Pc’s AND ALSO THE SCORPIO DOESNT HAVE 6 teraflops of computing power lol IT HAS 6 teraflops of GPU COMPUTE POWER BY ITSELF as that’s not total system power as the RYZEN 8 core CPU will add to that power total