Steady Momentum Could Soon Make Indonesia a “Buy”

Analyst recommendations have gradually improved over the past five years, and now Indonesia is on the verge of a “buy” recommendation.

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The top two stocks with the most positive recommendations are related to construction in Indonesia. Wijaya Karya Beton is a precast concrete manufacturer with a capitalization of $557 million.

Recommendations have improved over 5yrs and now #Indonesia is on the verge of a "buy"

Bank Jatim is up 35% YTD, and Bank BJB is up 290%! After such large increases in value, both are currently receiving negative recommendations.

Consensus Earnings Estimates: Indonesia

Analysts’ expectations have hovered around 10-15% EPS growth, but Indonesia has seen 4 years of falling earnings.

Average earnings estimates for 2016 are lower this time at 5%.

Expectations have been 10-15% EPS growth, but #Indonesia has seen 4yrs of falling EPS

Though real estate developer Lippo Karawaci has among the most negative recommendations, it also has the highest EPS growth estimate, and its share price is down 30% YTD.

Bukit Asam has the worst EPS growth estimate, but the share price has gained about 180% YTD.

Consensus Target Prices: Indonesia

Target price expected returns and actual returns are currently in line for 2016. The 12-month forward target prices imply an expected return of 13%.

Target price expected returns and actual are currently in line for 2016 in #Indonesia

XL Axiata is part of one of the largest telecom groups in Asia, Axiata Group Bhd (AXIA.KL). Of AXIA’s listed group companies, all except the one in Sri Lanka has seen a share price loss of about 30% YTD.

Bank Jatim and Bank BJB are also found among the lowest expected returns, as they’ve performed well YTD.


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