The hedge fund industry has faced a wave of criticism this year, from investors, market commentators and politicians. Critics have slated the industry on many different issues including returns, excessive pay and high fees. With the sector’s number of critics growing, it’s no surprise that investors pulled almost $80 billion from hedge funds globally during 2016, the first net outflows from the industry since 2009. This data comes from eVestment, a data provider for institutional investors manages but other data points to a bleak spot for European hedge funds, particularly.

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European Hedge Funds Hurt By Brexit Trade

european hedge funds
european hedge funds

  European hedge funds – The Hedge Fund Industry Is Still Growing

2016’s outflow is nothing compared to that of 2009 when $129 billion left the hedge fund industry. In fact, an outflow of $80 billion seems relatively small in comparison to industry inflows since 2010. Between 2010 and year-end 2015 around $330 billion flowed into hedge funds.

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