Throughout an entire political campaign in the home of the world’s greatest democracy, there was one question that was not answered. Donald Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” but what exactly does that mean? This question, asked by the recently revived Edelweiss Journal, the publication of Bermuda-based asset manager Edelweiss Holdings, is key to understanding so much: Why are the stock markets are rallying after seemingly non-stop projections of Trump doom and gloom? How long will the rally last? And more extension-ally, at what point of societal development does this place American at the moment?

Edelweiss Journal – Trump spoke rare truth during the campaign

To pragmatists inside the financial industry, Donald Trump, during his blustery political campaign, uttered some interesting economic thoughts that were normally reserved for private conversations. Now that he is governing it will be interesting to see if these comments play out into actual policy prescriptions or were nothing more than rhetoric designed to stimulate a certain sector of the financially-focused world.

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