Trump May Trim PC Excesses and Wussification on Campuses

Social Justice warriors could get hit by a new Donald Trump administration

At some law schools, Trump supporters were vilified, classes were cancelled, exams were postponed, and at one top law school its “embedded psychologist” offered the law students – too traumatized to continue life as they knew it – Legos, play dough, and bubbles to help them cope with the “trauma” of Trump’s election.


Social Justice warriors Photo by DFID - UK Department for International Development

Social Justice warriors

Photo by DFID – UK Department for International Development

But – in what might be seen as poetic justice – that same Trump election may help to trim PC excesses and the wussification which occurs when law schools treat students like children who have to be coddled and protected from anything “disturbing,” claims public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

When a feminist female law professor at Harvard Law School is asked not only not to teach rape, but to also refrain from using the word “violated” even in a neutral sense such as “the statute violated the Constitution,” it’s political correctness run amuck; likely to turn out more wimpy lawyers who lack the fortitude to stand up to tough judges in defending unpopular causes, and thus our most fundamental rights.

Can one even imagine how a lawyer like Patrick Henry – who famously said “Give me liberty, or give me death!” in risking his life and fortune to establish a new country – would feel if he heard a Michigan law student now say “Give me play dough so I can cope!”

Trump can help bring balance if not sanity back to campuses in general, and law schools in particular, by using both his pen and his bully pulpit, says Banzhaf.

For example, with a mere stroke of his pen he can eliminate federal requirements for colleges to overreact to rape claims in ways which deny due process and fundamental fairness to the accused.

He can also scale back legal pressures on college administrators to stamp out anything which even the most sensitive or dim-witted students might conceivably find offensive.

Banzhaf says that at his university it took the form of almost expelling a student for briefly displaying an ancient religious symbol which one student momentarily mistook for a Nazi swastika – effectively banning the display of this religious symbol, and possibly others, by any students on campus.

At another university it was going after a professor for using the word “niggardly” – a word which has nothing whatsoever to do with race – because a black student was offended even when the word’s origin was explained to her.

<H4>Social Justice warriors</H4>

Social Justice warriors

Photo by Feral78

In a third, a feminist professor dared suggest that the so-called campus rape epidemic might be over exaggerated.  A few women claimed that they felt threatened by this feminist’s article, and as a result she was subjected to an extensive formal investigation by an outside law firm.

Trump can also use his bully pulpit not only to espouse and promote ideas which are anathema to the overwhelming majority of law professors who are liberal Democrats, but to also encourage those professors – and students on the other side of the issue and afraid to speak out – to follow his lead

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  • bob

    Once Trump removes common core; and take PC out of our schools, government, ect. SJW will be heavily disarm, practically naked. Once that time comes, it will be beautiful.

    I know people will tell me there always be crazy people, and I don’t denied that. But I’ve been dealing with SJWs for years and the amount of insanity they introduce has been mind blowing. I mean they’re just awful people. I expect to deal with crazy people in the future. but they can’t possible be any worst than SJWs. I’m sorry, I just can’t imagine that.

  • TruthSeekingMissle

    SHame on the parents for allowing their children to behave like this.

  • RicoBravo

    Trim it? TRIM IT??? He damn well better eradicate it! I got some Roundup Weed & Lefty B-gone spray I’m just dyin’ to spray on some liberal wimps. Morons.