Stats And Infographics On The 2016 Presidential Election – PayScale Election Coverage


PayScale surveyed 17,227 users between August 5, 2016 and August 25, 2016, as part of its ongoing employee compensation survey, to see how they’re planning to cast their vote in the November presidential election. We intend to update this data and add new data splits on a weekly basis. In addition to standard information collected by PayScale re: compensation and career, respondents were asked to provide their political affiliation, if any, and for whom they intend to vote. Participation in these election-related questions was completely optional and not required to complete a PayScale employee compensation survey. For some background, Payscale did this during the election in 2012 and correctly predicted Barack Obama the winner, so they decided to do it again.

The data is broken down to show

  • Candidate Choice
  • Political Affiliation
  • Industry
  • Income Level
  • Education Level
  • Age Level
2016 Presidential Election
Presidential Election

What is your political affiliation?

  • Registered Republican
  • Registered Democrat
  • Independent
  • Not Registered to Vote
  • Prefer not to Say

* Respondents who chose “Prefer not to say” when asked about political affiliation were still allowed to answer the candidate preference question. They happened to be much more likely to choose “I do not intend to vote” when asked about candidate preference. Those that chose “Not Registered to Vote” were not included in this analysis.

Who do you plan to vote for in the November presidential election?

  • Clinton / Kaine
  • Trump / Pence
  • A third-party candidate
  • Undecided
  • I do not intend to vote
  • Prefer not to say

In this second analysis, PayScale analyzed differences in candidate choice:


Candidate ChoiceAllAffiliationAll
Clinton / Kaine32%Registered Democrat38%
Trump / Pence22%Registered Republican32%
3rd Party Candidate11%Independent30%
I do not intend to vote10%
± 0.8%± 0.8%


presidential election

By Political Affiliation

Candidate ChoiceRegistered DemocratRegistered RepublicanIndependent
Clinton / Kaine74%4%25%
Trump / Pence3%65%11%
3rd Party Candidate6%7%25%
I do not intend to vote3%3%8%
± 1.8%± 1.4%± 1.7%


By Industry

IndustryClinton / KaineTrump / Pence3rd Party CandidateI do not intend to voteUndecidedError
All32%22%11%10%25%± 0.8%
Accommodation and Food Services27%21%12%15%25%± 4.2%
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services26%24%10%12%28%± 3.8%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting26%29%5%7%33%± 11.8%
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation43%14%11%10%22%± 7.2%
Construction16%37%11%10%26%± 3.5%
Educational Services49%14%9%7%21%± 4.2%
Finance and Insurance32%20%11%9%28%± 3%
Health Care and Social Assistance34%22%8%10%26%± 2%
Information46%13%10%9%22%± 4.7%
Management of Companies and Enterprises28%19%19%2%32%± 12.6%
Manufacturing25%27%13%10%25%± 2.2%
Mining21%36%4%5%34%± 9.8%
Other Services (except Public Administration)31%20%14%13%22%± 4.9%
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services41%14%15%8%22%± 2.1%
Public Administration33%22%12%8%25%± 3.7%
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing33%23%8%13%23%± 6.2%
Retail29%24%11%12%24%± 2.9%
Transportation and Warehousing23%28%12%9%28%± 5.2%
Utilities23%35%15%7%20%± 7%
Wholesale Trade31%20%12%14%23%± 4.2%


IndustryClinton Relative FrequencyTrump Relative Frequency3rd Party Relative FrequencyI do not intend to vote Relative FrequencyUndecided Relative frequency
Accommodation and Food Services0.840.951.001.501.00
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services0.811.090.911.201.12
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting0.811.360.450.701.32
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation1.340.641.001.000.88
Educational Services1.530.640.820.700.84
Finance and Insurance1.000.911.000.901.12
Health Care and Social Assistance1.061.000.731.001.04
Management of Companies and Enterprises0.880.861.730.201.28
Other Services (except Public Administration)0.970.911.271.300.88
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services1.280.641.360.800.88
Public Administration1.
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing1.031.050.731.300.96
Transportation and Warehousing0.721.271.090.901.12
Wholesale Trade1.000.911.091.400.92


By Income Level

All (Male + Female)
Candidate ChoiceLess than 25k$25k to <50k$50k to <75k$75k to <100k$100k to <200k$200k+
Clinton / Kaine26%35%36%36%41%35%
Trump / Pence21%20%21%22%21%21%
3rd Party Candidate8%12%11%14%10%12%
I do not intend to vote17%9%8%5%6%5%
Error± 7.4%± 2%± 1.8%± 2.6%± 2.9%± 10.2%


presidential election

presidential election

By Education Level

Candidate ChoiceHigh SchoolAssociateBachelor’sMaster’sDoctoral
Clinton / Kaine22%22%38%45%55%
Trump / Pence29%28%17%14%14%
3rd Party Candidate9%11%14%11%10%
I do not intend to vote15%10%7%6%6%


presidential election

presidential election

By Age

Candidate Choice18 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 or more
Clinton / Kaine30%34%32%29%31%
Trump / Pence17%16%25%32%33%
3rd Party Candidate15%16%9%5%4%
I do not intend to vote15%11%9%7%4%


presidential election
Presidential Election
presidential election
Presidential Election

Presidential Election – Definitions

Industry: This is the industry of the respondent as classified in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). NAICS is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy (

Total Cash Compensation (TCC): TCC combines base annual salary or hourly wage, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions, and other forms of cash earnings as applicable.

It does not include equity (stock) compensation, cash value of retirement benefits, or the value of other non-cash benefits (e.g. healthcare).

Median Pay: The median pay is the national median (50th Percentile) annual total cash compensation.  Half of the people with the degree earn more than the median, while half earn less. Range in pay within a degree can be very wide depending upon job choice, years of experience, scope of responsibility, location of work, etc.  For example, pay can be higher than the stated median pay if the worker has more responsibility, chooses a higher paying field, or works in a city like New York.

Education: Education levels correspond to the highest level of education obtained.

Presidential Election – About PayScale:

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