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Charlie Munger on Common sense and Investing

Charlie Munger on Common sense and Investing

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Published on Sep 8, 2016

A discussion and Q&A with Charlie Munger. In this discussion Charlie first talks about common sense and how it is not common. He then discusses the Social Sciences and his views on them. Finally Charlie takes questions from the audience and displays his wisdom across many subjects.

Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
6:17 Start of Charlie
8:22 Do you keep Warren from becoming infallible?
11:17 Common sense speech
33:24 No linearity of Social Sciences
38:19 Are the risks of financial instruments independent?
46:58 Academics trying to explain Berkshire Hathaway’s success
48:39 Pre University Education system
52:26 Meteorology
54:02 Benjamin Franklin
55:26 Are we competing with ourselves instead of the competition?
1:02:53 Immigrants coming to America
1:05:23 Start of Q&A
1:06:21 You and Warren support different political parties?
1:09:35 Corporate responsibilities for global warming?
1:13:48 Should there be another event such as the space race to advance science and education?
1:15:42 Negative lollapalooza effect in finical markets?
1:21:24 Most important experience a young person could get to become a good investor?
1:22:12 Why is it so easy to write of the USA?
1:24:03 Outlook on the US dollar?
1:25:47 Advice for a new investor?
1:28:54 Should companies sponsor the Chinese Olympics which have human rights abuses?
1:32:02 How do you integrate common sense ideas into investments?
1:33:39 Dominant concerns for the future?
1:38:10 Acting on insight
1:39:51 Foundation advice
1:42:12 How to reward multi disciplinary knowledge?

Interview Date:March 11th, 2008
Event:DuBridge Distinguished Lecture
Location: Beckman Auditorium, Caltech
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