Betting on Index Movements – A Great New Betting Game

The debate whether stock market trading is similar to gambling is long and ongoing. Both sides in the debate have some strong arguments. It is probably safe to say that it depends on your approach and how you treat the stock market. If you’re looking for a fast profit, without studying the markets and the trends carefully, then it is pretty similar to online gambling.

If you have ever played a real money casino game online, you surely know that it is quite thrilling and time truly flies when you’re playing. Moreover, you have a chance of winning some quite hefty prizes. If that is what you’re into, then you should have a look at . There’s a nice bonus to start you off, and it will significantly increase your chances of winning.

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You Don’t Need a Large Starting Investment

Traditional stock market trading involves buying stocks and other assets and hoping that the price of the acquired assets will increase in the future. That way, you will be able to earn by selling it at a higher price. In the meantime you can benefit from the dividend which the company pays to its shareholders. Stock market trading requires a higher level of starting capital and you need to be very patient. It is possible to make significant profits on the stock market, but it takes some time.

However, there is a way of earning money on stock market movements without buying shares. You don’t even need a large initial investment, you may start with as little as £/$/€. If you’re wondering how is that possible, then you probably haven’t heard of index movement betting.

Financial Spread Betting, CFD and Forex

Financial spread betting has been available for a while now. With spread betting you can bet on the price of certain stocks, i.e. whether the price is going to increase or decrease. Financial spread betting is a form of betting which is similar to traditional handicap or point-spread sports betting. There is a fixed expiry date of the bet, just like with sports betting.

Contract for difference (CFD) and Forex are two quite popular types of online trading. There are many operators on the market that offer CFD and Forex trading. With Forex you’re basically betting on the price of currency pairs, whereas with CFD you are able to bet on the price movement of multiple financial assets.

Index Betting Explained

BetOnFinance offers a new and exciting way type of betting. You are able to bet on index movements, in a new and interesting. BetOnFinance offers:

  • Index Betting – With index betting, the point is to predict in which 0.25% interval is the index going to be at the end of the designated period;
  • Stock Race – Here, you bet on which stock is going to increase or decline the most, out of 30 available stocks.

As you probably know, indices are consisted of a number of different stocks which are used to value the price of particular sections of the stock market. If you choose to play the index game at BetOnFinance you are supposed to predict how much an index will go up or down within a certain period. Players who have correctly predicted the index movement are winners.

When it comes to index betting players don’t have to wait a whole day. Instead they can make half-day bets. It is very similar to half-time betting in sports. The goal is predict how much will an index move up or down during the first half of the market day.

It is also possible to bet live, i.e. at any point during a market day. The odds change depending on the movement of the indices. Again, this is very similar to the sports betting concept of in-play or live betting. You can make a half-day bet and then if you win, you may invest your winnings in a new live bet.