In an interview on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Varney & Company (weekdays, 9a-12p/ET), GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump discusses his reaction to attacks from Warren Buffett at Hillary Clinton’s Omaha rally yesterday. When asked to respond to Buffett’s comments, Trump says, “I don’t care much about Warren Buffett” because Buffett “is a Democrat and has been a Hillary fan for a long time.”  When asked about his future economic plans for the United States, Trump says, “I’m doing the biggest tax decrease” and “we’re going to rebuild our infrastructure.”

On his response to Warren Buffett’s attacks regarding Trump’s business record:

“Well, I don’t care much about Warren Buffett.  You know, I had a public company, it was based in Atlantic City…If you look at Atlantic City. Atlantic City was run down the tubes and you look at everything that’s happened in Atlantic City, they’re all, you know, bad.  I’ve been out of there for seven years.  I had great timing.  I got out and I made a lot of money in Atlantic City over the years…There’s no counterpunch.  Look, he’s a Democrat.  He’s been a Hillary fan for a long time and I think that’s fine.  Hillary is a disaster.  She lied over the weekend to FOX.  I mean, you saw that, to Chris Wallace, and lied over the weekend.  I’m sitting there listening to that interview and I couldn’t believe it, the way she talked.  You just heard the FBI director say she lied and she said no, she didn’t, he didn’t say that.  And it was a total lie.  In fact, even “The Washington Post” gave her four Pinocchios, which I guess is their ultimate.  But she’s a liar.  There’s no question about that. Lies about everything.”

Warren Buffett Takes Down Donald Trump
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On the differences between his economic plan and DNC presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s:

“Hillary’s going to raise taxes very, very substantially.  She’s going to have one of the biggest tax increases ever, and I’m doing the biggest tax decrease.  So, of all of the people running, including Republicans and Democrats, mine is the biggest.  We’re bringing rates down to 15 percent, we’re bringing them even lower for individuals…I’m going to make it possible for companies to take their $2.5 trillion back and bring it to this country, which right now it’s prohibited, they can’t do it.  We have a great plan, and we are going to rebuild our infrastructure, because without — and by the way, her numbers is a fraction of what we’re talking about.  We need much more money than that to rebuild our infrastructure, our roads.”