Charlie Munger on Investing, Wall Street and Berkshire Hathaway

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A interview with Billionaire investor Charlie Munger. This interviews covers many different topics but its main focus is on the economy of the USA and China, how Charlie would change the rules if he was in charge and Berkshire Hathaway. Charlie delivers nuggets of investing and economic wisdom throughout the interview, valuable to any investor or policy maker.

Video Segments:
0:00 Start
0:04 What’s new?
0:22 Reaction to Warren revealing he has cancer?
0:48 Berkshire Hathaway succession plans?
1:24 Déjà vu in the investing world?
2:55 Central bank policy/ Economy
7:18 People using voting privileges over working
7:41 The Fed
8:52 Buying gold
9:29 Berkshire portfolio
12:50 Twitter questions
13:11 What catalyst will it take for CEO’s to shift focus from cost containment to growth?
15:08 Washington’s fault employers are not hiring?
17:58 Feelings on election?
19:56 Big issues ahead
20:22 What do you think about the stock market overall?
20:49 Retail investors have been slower to come back to the market
22:44 Investing in the USA vs. overseas
23:43 Worries for the slowdown in China
27:00 Favourite part of the Berkshire annual meeting?
28:45 How do you want to be remembered?
29:36 The state of Wall Street?
30:12 If you were a dictator, what would you change?
34:27 Economic future of USA

Interview Date: May 04th, 2012
Event: CNBC interview
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Charlie Munger
Photo by Nick J Webb