7 Steps To The Easiest Short In Recent History by Capitalist Exploits

This article is a follow on to last week’s article. I encourage you to read it if you have not done so already as it lays the groundwork for todays article which delves into the myriad moving parts which are all working simultaneously creating an environment for the easiest short I can think of in recent times. 

This is not a judgement call on any political, religious or other affiliated group but merely lays out the facts and the conclusions we must come to if we are to be honest with ourselves.

A question being asked by many European citizens regarding refugee immigrants is, “Why – when we provide them with food, shelter, and access to our civilised country – do they reward us with demands for more, demand that we instil their societal values, traditions, beliefs, and behaviours, and – even when we shrink into the corner like a dog with its tail between its legs – do they hate and murder us?”

On the face of it this looks to be a valid question. But it’s first level thinking – a result of a populace brought up on a steady diet of mainstream politically correct media which not only fails to inform but actively and destructively misinforms.

In order to understand the problem let’s cover some brief history as we can better understand the probability of outcomes that way.

What the West is experiencing now is the blowback from decades of disastrous interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East by Western powers. By propping up dictators, or indeed removing them – either overtly by bombing them or covertly supplying arms, funds, and intelligence, bring in its wake power vacuums. Vacuums now filled by ISIS and similar groups.

With a complete misunderstanding of ethnic, tribal, and religious groups in the Middle East, Western powers have repeatedly destroyed nations, forever altering the power structures in place.

Like it or not, Saddam, Gaddafi, the House of Saud, the Taliban, Assad,… – these guys all maintained or in fact maintain a stability in the respective countries. Sure, like all psychopathic dictators, there is no question that they preside over a cauldron of needless unhappiness. But taking them out without any plan on what to do afterwards has left a power vacuum.

The chart below shows the dispersion of political forces in the Middle East.

7 Steps To The Easiest Short In Recent History

If we look at ISIS controlled areas you’d have to be wilfully blind to fail to see the correlation between Western intervention and power vacuums now filled by ISIS and other militant groups. Not coincidentally, this is where the bulk of the refugees hail from.

A below average high school student, high on pot, would be able to piece this together. And yet, Western leaders have a seemingly overpowering inability to make the connection. The mainstream media, governed by special interests and terrified of upsetting domestic minority groups, manufactures rather than reports the news.

This folks is how we find ourselves in what is a crisis which threatens to not only get worse but much worse.

How does this play out?

Step 1: Importing Hatred

According to a group of human rights organisations, the body count from the wars in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq – all part of the ridiculously named “war on terror” – stands at over 2 million.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Consider how many close friends and family you have. Let’s put the number at an even 50. Remember also that culturally Muslims have an average of 4 children rather than the European 1.5 average and factor in that a good portion of this group practice polygamy – taking 4 wives and having 16 rather than 4 children – and this number is likely pretty conservative.

For every person killed (and this can be directly or simply as a result of Western intervention) we have therefore a further 50 friends and family. So now we have 2 million multiplied by 50 which is 100 million people. What percentage of those 100 million people blame the West for the death of a loved one? It’s higher than zero, that much I know.

Now some portion of those 100 million people have been invited with open arms into Europe, and we’re not even mentioning soldiers who’ve fought against any of the Western-led military campaigns. Many of them too have made their way into the homelands of the “infidels”.

Imagine for a minute being invited to a party at the home of someone who you believe had a hand in the slaughter of your family. That is unfortunately how many feel. We don’t need to imagine this, we know it because they have told us this.

I’m not making a judgement call here just pointing out the obvious.

European politicians seem to have a shockingly dim understanding of this dynamic, which on it’s own shows a naivety befitting a 5 year old schoolgirl.

You cannot directly, or indirectly, kill two million people, invite their relatives home and expect no blowback. That’s beyond stupid. It’s suicidal.

And it’s not as if the intense resentment of the West by the Islamic world has been kept a veiled secret either.


german flag

To this day mainstream media’s repeated failure to acknowledge the route cause of the problem, the ridiculously named “War on Terror” has meant that a populace, distracted by Pokemon Go, Big Brother, and their Facebook status, have allowed their leaders to saunter headlong into a disaster of their own making.

The West’s foreign policy is a failure of the highest order, and, as is common with bureaucrats, they refuse to change obviously disastrous policy even in the face of clear and mounting evidence of its unmitigated failure. The simple fact is that Western foreign policy cultivates terrorists faster than it kills them.

Not only has the mainstream media failed to acknowledge this shockingly obvious fact, it now in shame tries to suppress the consequences of it with a failure to report everyday events which have turned parts of Europe, a previously secular society, into Islamic hotbeds where the secular populace are no longer free to live their lives without being forced daily to accept behaviours which are both foreign and threatening to them.

It has been private individuals who have been reporting what the mainstream media have been too afraid to report, for fear of “inciting” a minority group (Muslims). This short 5 minute video, which was recorded some time ago, provides an insight into what is happening on a large scale not only in Paris but increasingly across Europe.

Lest you think France is unique in the problems it faces, Sweden, once known as one of the safest countries in the world, is today the rape capital of Europe. It has the second highest rape rate in the world, with rape cases involving children under the age of 15 up an astounding 600% from a generation ago.

In an article explaining Sweden’s swan dive into violent crime, and offering a fascinating contrast with Japan’s openly unapologetic anti Islamic policy, it is noted that Muslim immigrants were 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men.


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