Worry Not! Wondershare PDFelement Is Here

As long as you use a computer or work in an office, there is always a chance that you would deal with PDF files. The popularity of PDF as a file sharing system cannot be overestimated. However, whenever you talk about PDF especially editing PDF files, a lot of people think about Adobe and unfortunately it is quite expensive. But do you know that there is another PDF editor which can do what Adobe does but cheaper than it? Do you know that this software offers a better value for money and can be an alternative to Adobe? If you do not know, then worry not! Wondershare PDFelement is here. Now, let us look at this software in details.


PDFelement functions as All-in-one PDF Editor: The truth is that there are other PDF editors around but they end up giving little to the user. Of what use is having more than one PDF editor to everything you want when you could just get one editor that captures everything you would ever think of doing with your PDF files? Wondershare PDFelement puts you in total charge and you can create PDF from scratch, convert PDF and edit PDF files as much as you want. The good thing is that it does not require you to have high computer skills because it has user interface


What Really can Wondershare PDFelement do?

Let us look a little further with more details on what this powerful software can do

Page Extraction: Imagine you have a voluminous PDF file and you just need a single page out of it, what will you do? PDFelement has the extract function which allows you to extract specific pages of a document to create a new PDF file as you require

Merge and Split: One important feature of this software is the merge and split which allows you to combine multiple file formats like PDF, excel and word documents. You can also split or separate large PDFs

Password Protect: Depending on how confidential you would like your document to have, this feature can be what you need. It allows you to apply passwords so that you can prevent unauthorized access and changes to your PDF


Digital Signature: When you want to add more authenticity to your PDF file, then creating a personalized encrypted digital signature is what you will need. This PDFelement feature helps you achieve this easily and will ensure you quickly sign PDF files.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR): The truth is that so many other PDF editors lack this feature and this is where Wondershare PDFelement has the edge. It is an important tool as it helps you turn image based PDF into selectable, searchable as well as editable documents and in doing this, it maintains your document layout.



What you read above is just some of the features and there is so much more packed in this beautiful software. Wondershare PDFelement is easy to install, easy to use, reliable and possess all you need to do any PDF task. The best part of it is that you can try it before you purchase it as it has a trial version and this is a testament of its quality. You can try it today, what are you waiting for?

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