LIVE – Reports Of Second Military Coup Attempt In Turkey
Everyone likely read about the bungled coup by the military on Friday night which was quickly defeated by Erdogan loyalists. In fact, it was so poorly thought out that many suspect that the coup was engineered by the dictator as en excuse to crack down on the army and take full control of the control ala Fritsch-Bloomberg January/Feb 1938 style (although that incident also debatable whether it was planned or not). Whether Erdogan, Gullen or someone else was behind the coup we may never know unless the latest news is true.

Earlier today we saw the Guardian reporter who covers Turkey, tweet that there was talk of a last attempt at a coup tonight. Now we see the following news – so is this a rumor, a second attempt by Erdogan to crack down more, or a second attempt at a genuine coup (supported by Gulen or not) we will find out shortly – stay tuned for coverage of that – and if this is a second coup we will have MUCH more to report.

Here is the latest

Erdogan Turkish military coup

UPDATE: 6PM EST this is the tweet we referenced earlier in regards to one last attempt tonight

Al Jazeera is reporting the helicopter report – related to that in a bizarre innocent the coup members had F-16s honed in on Erdogan’s plane during Friday night (EST time) and did not pull the trigger for reasons unknown, Reuters reported earlier Sunday. If the coup wants to be successful this time (assuming the current news is correct and this is an actual real attempt not an Erdogan plot) the first matter of business will be to kill or imprison the current Sultan. We still have no other news – stay tuned while we await updates.

And here is more on this second coup

6:05PM EST

Also, for those who want to read about the missed attempt to kill Erdogan here is the link – also commandos supposedly carried out raid and missed the Sultan by a few minutes

6:15 Still sketchy but we have some more news – at least a bit of it

Turkish media report 3 helicopters were spotted over Istanbul at 22:30 local time (2.5 hours ago)

Flights being diverted from Istanbul’s airport?

Security minister says “All helicopters flying without permission warned that if if they do not answer will be shot down and .” that’s all for now, I’m not going to update.

7:10 PM Eh as I thought… this mini second coup is done – congrats to Erdogan, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and all supporters of terror worldwide