While France was celebrating Bastille Day, sinister forces (likely Wahhabi terrorists – some are already saying Daesh AKA Islamic State is behind the murders) had other sick ideas in mind. We are just getting reports of a big terror attack in the city of Nice. France 24 is calling this a terrorist attack and at least 30 are dead with some saying 40 or 50 while the police search for suspects the city is on lock-down.

Supposedly, the attack involved a truck and gun fire with the truck running over people celebrating the Holiday. Terrorists have used cars recently to try and run over Jews in Israel, so the tactic is not new.

Terrorist attack in Nice France

Only this week, the Patrick Calvar the  head of the French General Directorate for Internal Security warned that the country was one migrant sex attack from a “Civil war“. In light of what the Chief said just recently. today’s attack could well be the spark that lights the fire.

Stay tuned for live updates on this tragic situation as details become available.

Terrorist attack in Nice France
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UPDATE 6:15PM EST not too many more details yet but warnings coming – if you are in the area stay safe and away from crowded areas

Possibly over 100 injured and it seems that 30 are dead although hopefully these first reports will turn out to be wrong

Some people are periscoping the aftermath of the attacks – look below – we will also have text updates and media as soon as they are available

Warning GRAPHIC videos and pictures

Also, RT has a live stream on youtube of the Nice attacks

6:28PM EST – It appears that at least two people were involved with one suspect on the run – police say the driver is dead according to French authorities and gun shots heard before the truck attack. One report says that the terrorists got out of the truck and started shooting at people nearby

7:10PM – multiple reports now say 73 dead and expected to rise further.

Over 120 injured
– 50 people in critical condition
– Grenades and ammo found

This photo says it all

UPDATE 9PM EST – The white house has condemned the attack, Donald Trump has called off his VP pick tomorrow because of the NICE attack – the driver supposedly drove over 2KM running over people – French Government says 75 dead – Daesh members are celebrating and media outlets loosely affiliated with them have claimed responsibility (although their official media office has not yet?)

Graphic videos of the Nice France terrorist attack below