A Russian software firm, Prisma Labs, will be among the first Android photo editing applications to also offer a simple-to-manage video editing. The new Prisma app is due to debut in the Google Play store in mid-August.

Prisma App Android

Prisma app concept: Keep it simple

The concept behind Prisma’s popular photo editing application is simplicity: Provide Android users who are not tech-savvy or artistic a method to edit photos like they meet both criteria.

The Prisma app allows for people to edit run of the mill photos and make them look like a modern work of art. Using an algorithmic filter, the technology clueless can take a photo and select an artistic filter to provide a painting quality to the photo.

The company currently uses a cloud infrastructure to process all the edits and allows users free access to many of the software’s features.

Prisma App Installed

Prisma app moves into photo editing

Today the future of the Prisma app was revealed by Alexey Moiseenkov, the company’s co-founder. Prisma will be rolling out a new video editing software application for the Android phone that works on the same easy to use – dummy simple, really – interface and editing methods.

Moiseenkov says Prisma has developed the video editing software itself. Much of the photo editing functionality was conceptually migrated onto the video platform to create the software. But software may not be the biggest issue.

The company is currently working on infrastructure issues. Because the firm hosts software that operates off their cloud infrastructure, it is the processing, memory and storage issues that are likely to be the ongoing maintenance issues.

The server load required to handle videos is significantly more advanced than that required to handle static photos.

Prisma is not alone among top video editing applications for Android. Applications such as Google’s Snapseed, Photo Editor Pro, and Adobe Photoshop Express all offer robust photo editors all from the convenience of a cell phone.  What makes the Prisma app unique is that it is the first that is integrating an easy to use video editing capability. While shop and Adobe Premier, the technology is nonetheless less intuitive for a new user or non-technical person. Adobe does not offer an integrated solution, but it certainly has the pieces already built to do so. Who will be the next to match Prisma is unclear, but the real question might be how they make money providing this service mostly for free.