How to Persuade Anyone – The 25 Cognitive Biases by Charlie Munger

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Published on Jul 23, 2016

How to Persuade Anyone - The 25 Cognitive Biases by Charlie Munger
If you want to learn how to Persuade Anyone, then you must learn the 25 Cognitive Biases. Not all these biases work on everyone, and some biases will affect you more than others. What makes people make a decision depends on how many of these biases get activated at the same time. So not only will you learn how to persuade people, but this video will help to prevent you from getting scammed or making impulse decisions that you will later regret.

3:13pretty much the golden rule that is to treat others how you want to be treated
3:17it's the bias that makes a 300-pound big guy willing to line up behind an old
3:21lady and follow the first come first serve rule
3:24another example is lighting and other drivers on the freeway believing that
3:28they will reciprocate in the future
3:30so think about situations where you get mad at strangers for not sharing who
3:35don't even owe you anything
3:37the eighth is envy / jealousy
3:40this is self-explanatory Warren Buffett says it is not greed that drives the
3:45world but Envy
3:46so be careful with this one is showing off too much might make people dislike
3:51you like this is one of the reasons
3:53some people don't like Donald Trump the ninth is reciprocation tendency which is
3:58related to the seventh
4:00we tend to want to return the favor when someone gives us something or helps us
4:04this is why some supermarkets offer free samples or white car salesman's might
4:09offer free coffee but it is not why my ebook is free