FOX Business Network won primetime for the first night of the GOP convention last night against CNBC.  The network’s coverage, led by Maria Bartiromo, Trish Regan and Lou Dobbs pulled in 362,000 total viewers, beating out CNBC primetime coverage which only averaged 335,000 total viewers.

Earlier in the day, Stuart Varney’s three hour program (9a-12p/ET) Varney & Co beat CNBC’s Squawk on the Street/Squawk Alley with 213,000 vs. 192,000 total viewers.

The Special Coverage special hosted by Maria Bartiromo beat CNBC’s Mad Money with 187,000 in total viewers and 49,000 in the demo, while Lou Dobbs Tonight beat CNBC in the 7pm and 8pm hour with 332,000 vs 188,000 in total viewers and 72,000 vs. 70,000 in the demo.

FOX Business Network Wins Primetime For The First Night Of The GOP Convention