Bridgewater Associates is in the news again and yet again not for the reasons Ray Dalio and crew would prefer. The latest is a sexual harassment allegation from a Christopher Tarui. Tarui is described as a “34-year-old adviser to large institutional investors in Bridgewater” and he claims that a male supervisor harassed him. Specifically:

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On one occasion, he said, his supervisor confided in him that he had an “itch to scratch,” and then asked Mr. Tarui whether he had ever “thought about being with other men.” Mr. Tarui said he told his supervisor he “was not wired that way.” But his supervisor persisted, Mr. Tarui said, adding that his boss then “specifically asked whether I would consent to having a sexual experience with him.”

The National Labor Relations Board alleges in a separate filing that Bridgewater “has been interfering with, restraining and coercing” employees through its strict confidentiality agreements, as Matthew Goldstein and Alexandra Stevenson of the New York Times note in an article out tonight.

Readers should check out the full article from the NYT here. Also see the full complaint below which was acquired by the NYT via an FOIA. A spokesperson for Bridgewater Associates at outside PR firm Prosek did not immediately respond to ValueWalk's request for comment.


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