TABB Group, NASDAQ, Two Sigma: The Transformation of Finance: Technology’s Impact on Wall Street


Larry Tabb, Founder and CEO, TABB Group



Corrie Elston, Chief Technology Officer, Financial Services, Google Cloud Platform
Adena Friedman, President and Chief Operating Officer, Nasdaq
Daniel Nadler, Founder and CEO, Kensho
David M. Siegel, Co-Chairman, Two Sigma
Innovations in financial technology, both from within and beyond the financial services industry, are unleashing a wave of change that promises to transform every aspect of financial services. To compete, financial services providers need to move quickly and decisively to adopt new technologies and possibly change their business models — or lose out to savvier peers or new, digital disruptors. What are the opportunities and risks, and do the benefits outweigh the costs? Can regulation keep pace with the speed at which technology evolves? This panel will feature some of the leading voices and technologists in financial services sharing their views about the future.

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