13F summary – stay tuned for a lot more analysis and coverage this is just the raw data for now. As always, be extremely careful when using 13F data whether for clone investing or narratives for many reasons we have explained in the past. Below is a summary not sure on the first firm but the other source is Dave Lutz of Jones Trading. Additionally, we reported on many of these hedge fund sells/buys etc. before the 13Fs see much more from our list of Q4 2015 and Q1 2016 hedge fund letters -> here

Adage Capital – Took stakes in GCP, CHTR, FOXA, ROK, X; Exited stakes in MHK, VC, SUNEQ, SO, KR; Increased stakes in RTN, DD, GE, DAL, VZ; Cut stakes in SYF, PFE, CFG, BA, TYC.

·         Appaloosa Management – Took stakes in FB, SYD, MHK, BAC, FOXA; Exited stakes in PCLN, AAPL, HPE, CBI, EMN; Increased stakes in ETP, WPZ, CYH, AMLP, NXPI; Cut stakes in GM, KMI, HCA, GT, URI.

·         Baupost Group – Took stakes in AGN, VMW, SRAQU, LQ, GNW; Exited stakes in DTR, OCN, KOS, MU, SN; Increased stakes in EMC, AR, FOXA, OLN, LNG; Cut stakes in PYPL, PBF, BXE, NG.

·         Berkshire Hathaway – Took stakes in AAPL; Exited stakes in T; Increased stakes in PSX, IBM, CHTR, LBTYA, DE; Cut stakes in PG, MA, WBC, WMT.

[drizzle]·         Bridgewater – Took stakes in DIS, MCD, POT, DISH; Exited stakes in BCE, VIAB, FOSL, TU, KO; Increased stakes in INTC, ESRX, RL; Cut stakes in AAPL, PEP, EXC, ORCL.

·         Clinton Group – Took stakes in MAC, DPS, PG, MON, AFL; Exited stakes in LOW, Q, VNTV, NWL, TSS; Increased stakes in BA, DE, WFC, ESV, VOYA; Cut stakes in RTN, OKE, DAL, MMP, FISV.

·         Corvex – Took stakes in NOMD, TMH, VRX, GLPI; Exited stakes in BAC, AN, CMA, CFG, KMI; Increased stakes in PFE, PAH, SIG, COMM, P; Cut stakes in GOOGL, VER, AGN

·         Eagle Capital – Took stakes in FIS, MAR, APA; Cut stakes in BRK/B, HOT, ORCL, FOX, FOXA; Cut stakes in VRX, BABA, STZ, MS, MDLZ.

·         Elliot Management – Took Stakes in OIBR, NE, EGN, PAH, PFE, QLIK, AA; Exited stakes in HPE, VMW, STE; Increased stakes in HES, CNP, SYMC, CAB, AA; Exited stakes in IPG, ODP, PRGO, RYAAY, FCB 

·         Eminence Capital – Took stakes in LEN, HUM, ZBRA, RL, ANTM; Exited stakes in YUM, GOOG, HOT, ATVI, YELP; Increased stakes in CAA, AN, CCE, SPGI, LNKD; Cut stakes in TRIP, SJM, ZNGA, ABG, GPI

·         Encompass – Took stakes in CLR, COG, RSPP, FANG, NSC, SRAQU, SPN, SHW, ESV, CIE; Exited stakes in DVN, ECA, OAS, PXD, GPOR, RICE, MRD, XEV, EPE, TS, CF, CSX, PTEN, WNR, TNK, IOC, EXTN, PES, FTI; Increased stakes in HES, NFX, EGN, SLCA; Cut stakes in NBR, GRA.

·         Eton Park – Took stakes in BXLT, GLD, ITC, MHK, CDK; Exited stakes in ADSK, PRGO, AER, HUM, RAD; Increased stakes in TWC, SNDK, AGN, EMC, CRTO; Cut stakes in MSFT, ADBE, SHW, SBAC, ODP.

·         Fairholme – Exited stakes in MRC, CNQ, BRK/B, AIG, IBM; Increased stakes in BAC, SRG, SRSC; Cut stakes in SHLD, LUK, SHLDW, AIG/WS, JOE. 

·         Farallon Capital – Took stakes in BXLT, THS, CTSH, FIS, IMS; Exited Stakes in SCHW, AMT, ARG, RAD; Increased stakes in SNDK, TWC, SBAC, EMC, GOOG; Cut stakes in KLAC, CI, AGN, RYAAY, BEAV

·         Glenview – Took stakes in FIS, AAP, GPN; Exited stakes in PCLN, CYH, PVH, AMAT, MTW;  Increased stakes in HCA, TWC, GOOGL, HLS, LBTYK; Cut stakes in MON, TMO, HUM, MCK, CI

·         Greenlight – Took stakes in HTS, PVH, CYH, GSAT, LAMR; Exited stakes in CBI, OI, SNDK, GRMN, ON; Increased stakes AAPL, YHOO, M, AGNC, YELP; Cut stakes in IAC, AGR, TTWO, IM, TWX

·         Hayman Capital – Took stakes in CLVS.

·         HealthCor Management – Took stakes in AET, TMO, HLS, HUM, NBIX; Exited stakes in LLY, BXLT, ABT, VRTX, MYL; Increased stakes in DGX, MNK, ZBH, HCA, EW; Cut stakes in BCR, TEVA, ABC, MDVN, ACAD. ]

·         Hound Partners – Took stakes in SERV, BLOX, GCP, GME, VWR, GLPI, NVTA; Exited stakes in AIG, GRA, HCA, TWX; Increased stakes in BIDU, CHTR, TSO, ADSK, QSR, C, SPR, VRX; Cut stakes in CRI, IPXL, WTW, TDG, FLT, CFX, AIG/WS. 

·         Icahn Associates – Took stakes in MFS; Exited stakes in AAPL, HOLX, TGNA, MENT, PBY, GCI; Increased stakes IEP, AIG, XRX; Cut stakes in PYPL, NUAN.

·         Jana Partners – Took stakes in GOOG, SRCL, TMH, HDS, TDG; Exited stakes in QCOM, AIG, LBTYK, BAX, STRZA; Increased stakes in PFE; Cut stakes in CAG, LGF, AGN, LVNTA, WBA.

·         Janus – Took stakes in WSM, TTC, EVHC, HLF, ARG; Exited stakes in VRX, PCRX, EURN, MXM, DATA; Increased stakes in NOC, BA, COST, TWX, SYF; Cut stakes in UNP, REGN, ENDP, LLY, CL.

·         Lansdowne Partners – Took stakes in FB, JCI, UNH, RAI, AGR; Exited stakes in GS, TMUS, C, SYF, ETFC; Increased stakes in WFC, GOOGL, AMZN, JPM, UTX; Cut stakes in ACN, AAPL, LB, DIS, V.

·         Lone Pine – Took stakes in AGN, BXLT, PYPL, MNST, YUM; Exited stakes in WMB, VRX, WBA, ATVI, ADSK; Increased stakes in FB, GOOG, NOC, GOOGL, EQIX; Cut stakes in ILMN, V, EA, AMZN, JD

·         Moore Capital – Took stakes in FIS, BG; Exited stakes BAC, C, JPM, MCD; Increased stakes in GOOGL, AAPL, AME, MGM, DLTR; Cut stakes in FB, AMZN, CTRP, EQIX, RH.

·         Omega Advisors – Took stakes in UNH, PYPL, GILD, ETP, BLL; Exited stakes in C, JPM, PFE, GLBL; Increased stakes in MSFT, TRGP, SYF, TRCO, WBA; Cut stakes in GOOGL, AGN, AIG, DISH, AER.

·         Pershing Square – Took stakes in NOMD; Increased stakes in QSR, VRX; Cut stakes in APD, MDLZ

·         Perry Corp – Exited stakes in WMB, CYH, CPGX, ETE, ETP; Increased stakes in AER; Cut stakes in TWX, AIG, HCA, SE.

·         Rock Springs – Took Stakes in BMY, WBA, EW, ALKS, CRVS; Exited stakes in IDXX, RLYP, ABBV, PETX; Increased Stakes in WCG, AAAP, ISRG, PRTK, NVTA; Cut stakes in ACRS, RTRX, ICPT, INOV.

·         Sachem Head – Took stakes in SBAC, TMH, FLT, ENDP; Exited stakes in FIS, ZTS, MYL, KSU; Increased stakes in CDK; Cut Stakes in AGN, AKRX, TWC.

·         Sandell Asset – Took stakes in HOT, SNDK, BXLT, CAG, FCS; Exited stakes in ETH, FCE/A, ABG, VSLR; Increased stakes in YHOO, MEG, CVC, CIT; Cut stakes in VIAV, TVPT, ARG, XLF, ALLY.

·         Starboard Value – Took stakes in MRVL, DEP, NXST; Exited stakes in MEG, ODP, NYRT, CI, LNCE; Increased stakes in YHOO, M, BAX, CW, WRK; Cut stakes in DRI, FCPT, QTM.

·         Southeastern Asset – Took stakes in CF, VIPS; Exited stakes in NOV, MCD; Increased stakes in CNX, UTX, FDX, VSAT, TRCO; Cut stakes in LVLT, AON, RE, GOOG, MTN.

·         Soros – Took stakes in ABX, BXLT, CCI, AVGO, SLB; Exited stakes in LVLT, DOW, ENDP, DAL, HYG; Increased stakes in EQIX, GLPI, EMC, HOT, SPY; Cut stakes in SYF, CYl, AGRO, AGN, LYB

·         Temasek Holdings – Took stakes in FIS, BGNE; Increased stakes in ILMN, REGN, JD, GILD; Cut stakes in MON.

·         Third Point – Took stakes in GOOGL, BXLT, LOW, TDG, EMC; Exited stakes in LBTYK, EBAY, MS, AXTA, CWEI; Increased stakes in YUM,

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