What Will Apple Do With The iPad Air 3

According to speculation Apple is set to release the iPad Air 3 at an event on March 21, alongside the iPhone 5se.

Thanks to a series of leaks we have a decent idea of what the new Apple iPad Air 3 will be like. Here is a roundup of the latest rumors according to Val Powell of Inquisitr. With just a few days left before the predicted launch, the rumors keep flying.

What Will Apple Do With The iPad Air 3

Rumors fly ahead of predicted March 21 launch

Photos have been leaked by  user Steve Hemmerstoffer (@stagueve), showing a case that is reportedly built to house the iPad Air 3. He claims that a dummy model is inside, but even so the case reveals some interesting details about the latest iPad.

The cutouts on the case suggest that the iPad Air 3 will feature 4 speakers and a Smart Connector, although other reports have not confirmed these details yet. The display will be 9.7-inches rather than the 12.9-inch of the iPad Pro.

It is thought that the new tablet could have a resolution of 2732 x 2048. As it stands the iPad Air 2 measures only 6.1mm thick, which is over a millimeter less than the first iPad Air. It is possible that Apple makes the new iPad even thinner.

iPad Air 3 to feature strong A9X chipset

When it comes to technical specifications, it looks as though the iPad Air 3 will boast laptop-levels of power thanks to its A9X chipset. It is reportedly 12 times faster than the chip used on the original iPad, and processes graphics 180 times faster than its predecessor.

As well as the barnstorming chipset, it is rumored that the iPad Air 3 will feature 4GB of RAM. If it does it will become the fastest 9.7-inch tablet on the market, and could regain the crown of best tablet for Apple.

Given Apple’s previous launch patterns, it was predicted that the iPad Air 3 would be released last September alongside the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the iPad Mini 4. However the company decided against the release and it looks as though it will be released at an event on March 21.

It seems that the iPad Air 3 will cost the same as its predecessor at launch. List prices will be $499/$599/$699 for the 16GB/64GB/128GB models.

What is going on at Apple?

Alongside the iPad Air 3 it is thought that Apple will release the cheaper iPhone 5se, which will cater to the mass market. Not only are people talking about the launch of the iPhone 5se, but rumors are swirling about the impending launch of the iPhone 7.

Analysts believe that the next generation iPhone will feature a dual-camera setup that improves performance in low light. Other rumors include an LED flash, a smart connector, and a sleek design that eliminates some of the clutter of previous models.

With Apple yet to make any sort of announcement on the new iPhone 7, it’s best to be skeptical of the rumors. Even months before the supposed release this fall, the internet is in overdrive speculating on how Apple will improve the iPhone still further in its battle with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

It is an exciting time for Apple fans with an updated Apple Watch also expected to be unveiled on March 21. While the new features may not be enough to earn it the title of Apple Watch 2, it looks as though the wearable will get a number of small tweaks.

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