iPhone 7: Apple Inc. Exploring Ultra-Fast Li-Fi Technology

Apple is experimenting with a revolutionary data transfer technology that offers the maximum speed of 224GB per second under lab conditions. It has fueled speculations that the upcoming iPhone 7 may boast of this technology that transfers data via light. LiFi technology is 100 times faster than WiFi. The iOS jailbreaker Chase Fromm recently discovered (via Apple Insider) references to LiFi in iOS 9.1 code.

iPhone 7: Apple Inc. Exploring Ultra-Fast Li-Fi Technology

How LiFi works

It indicates that Apple is at least exploring the possibility of incorporating LiFi into future iPhone models. In lab conditions, the experimental technology allows you to download multiple HD movies in less than two seconds. The iOS 9.1 library cache file mentions LiFi capability along with other software and hardware capability declarations. The technology works pretty much like a traditional infrared remote control.

iPhone 7 LiFi

It transmits data by rapidly modulating a light source, and the data is received with a light sensor before getting reassembled into an electronic signal. It relies on visible light and, according to Apple Insider, the modulation is imperceptible to human eye. It means the bulb in your bedroom can act as a data access point. The technology was discovered by professor Harald Hass of the University of Edinburgh.

iPhone 7: LiFi still has some limitations

Will Apple incorporate LiFi functionality in iPhone 7? Probably not. Because LiFi is still an experimental technology with a lot of limitations. The technology doesn’t work through walls because visible light can’t travel through walls. Another thing is that, in order to operate, LiFi-capable devices must have a direct line of sight to an operational light sensor. This limitation also has an advantage as it makes LiFi more secure than WiFi.

The LiFi references in iOS 9.1 suggest that Apple is dedicated to exploring the revolutionary technology. It was the first company to release a laptop with built-in WiFi 17 years ago. The iPhone 7 is expected to be unveiled in September 2016. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack to reduce its thickness to just 6mm to 6.5mm. That means users will have to rely on Bluetooth and Lightning port-compatible headphones.


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